I need help on automated resource allocater using excel



I’m trying create to excel based automated resource allocator. I have 24 agents to work on 6 regions such as North, Northeast, South, Southeast, East and West. We have new and old files on all regions. We recieve 2500 files per day on an average from monday to friday. I need an allocator which assigns agents to the regions depending on the file count on a daily basis. An agent can work on maximum of 160 file/per day irrespective of the region. Agents must be shuffled on a daily basis, this is to make sure every one gets to work on all the regions by the end of week (or no one gets to complaint that he/she is been assigned to same region).
We can get a definite count of the old file however new files keep coming through the day. 75% old files and 25% new files of the total file count.
Please i need urgent assistance on this.


Little lost here but aren’t you asking us to help but not get paid to find the solution to your problem? MODs may be weary of my reply but what it sounds like to me is your asking for what a programmer does and gets paid to make the program work. This is in no way saying there isn’t any help but what your asking sounds more akin to what a programmer is paid to create a excel program to do as what you want considering the amount of data your taking about should there be problems the programmer can debug the excel program modules.