I Need Help On An External Dvd Drive



I Have A Laptop Compaq Presario 900, With 2 Usb Ports, I Ave Just Bought A Liteon Dvd+r/+rw Drive Model (sohw-1653sx) But When I Connect It I Get A Message, Usb Device Not Recognized. When I Then Look In The Device Manager In The Usb Hub The Device Is There But As An Unknown Device.

Does Anyone Know House To Solve This Prob


What version of Windows are you running and are these version 1 USB ports?


im using widows xp and they are version 1 usb ports


Not gonna work then, USB 1.1 is only fast enough to burn a cd at 4x, and no there are no workarounds, if your LiteOn and your laptop have a firewire port you can try that way.


The Liteon drive should be detected on a verion 1 USB port but it won’t work very well anyway. A 1653sx requires USB 2.0 to perform correctly - the USB v1 is just not fast enough to achieve more than about 1x DVD speed. If your Notebook has a PCMCIA port then you can get a USB 2.0 PCMCIA adapter, which may also fix your detection problem as well :wink:


I have a Compaq 900 US laptop I recently upgraded it to USB 2.0 ports with a PMCICA card by Dlink The model is Dlink DUB C2 Follow the install instructions to the letter and you will have 2 USB 2.0 ports fully functional. Cost about 39.00 US.

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Good Luck