I need help on a non copyrighted movie I have



I downloaded a non copyrighted movie, but when I try to burn it, it looks like crap. When I playe it on the computer the size of a wallet it looks pretty good, how can I burn it to look that good on a stand alone DVD player? or can I? Thank you


If the original is crap, then nothing can be done.


If the resolution is low, yeah it’ll look good in a tiny window on the computer but no, there really is no way to make it look “good” on a DVD.

You could TRY encoding it at Half-D1 (320x480) or even VCD resolution (320x240) and see if that helps at all…


I dont see how encoding at half-d1 would help much. All it means it that it would then be your DVD player doing the stretching it to fit on your TV instead of the computer.

If you play around with the VirtualDub filters enough you might just get some improvement. Its a typical case of rubbish in, rubbish out. So you can either put up with it or search for a higher quality version of the file (if one exists).