I need help making an image!



sorry for my first post to be a new thread but i didnt know where to go, that begin said, i’m having some trouble making an image of my warcraft 3:Regin of chaos CD, it may be scratched, but i keep gettin errors when i try and make the image in Alcohol 120%. I’d appreciate any help i could get on how i can do this! thanks


Just select the Safedisc 2/3 profile.
After that the read errors are 100% normal, just wait a while (could be upto half an hour) and they will go away.

Ben :slight_smile:


Erm, Ben, WC III is securom protected not safedisc.

If cannibalsock is getting read errors then the disc is damaged and it will be very difficult to make a good image.

@ cannibalsock

Which version of WC III do you have? Also, what reading/writing devices (roms) do you have?