I need help installing 2nd Plextor drive

Since I already have Plextools installed for my 712A, should I again install it from the CD for my 716A that will also be installed in my computer? Or should I just install the new Plextools version 2.21 from the download and remove 2.20?

I downloaded the new firmware 1.06 for my 716, and I assume it knows where to go when I install it–correct?


Upgrade to Plextools 2.21.
Plextools will recognize both 712A and 716A. :slight_smile:

When you run fw 1.06, it will give you a list of plextor drives, select the 716a.

Should I go into XP’s Control Panel and first remove Plextools version 2.20 that is now on my computer?

No you don’t need to remove 2.20 first.

Too late! I already removed it and installed version 2.21. Can I use the Roxio Creator version 7 for both the 712A and 716A? I know that is probably a silly question, but I have to ask–I’m a worrior :slight_smile: