I need help immeadiately!

ok, i have a 1004 and have try firmware 49, 49b1, and 47 beta. All of these firmware bitsetting was suppose to work, but it doesn’t. After i change the booktype to DVD-ROM on my DVD+RW disc, and then check it with DVDinfo, it still says that the booktype is DVD+RW. I have also try to ignore this and play on my standalone DVD player, yet nothing work! To my knowledge, the Lite-ons drives bitsetting work perfectly (my friend has one). When you change booktype to DVD-ROM on a Lite-ons drive, DVDinfo shows that the booktype was indead DVD-ROM, and not DVD+RW. How comes BTC 1004IM doesn’t work?!?! Please, does anyone knows a solution to this or provide a bitsetting ultillity that ACTUALLY works?!?!?