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Ok here it is.I want to know if I burn a PC game to separate DVD-R discs in RAR format (Will the game install like normal?)It is a bootable File.These are my PC games I am backing up.I Do Not Want To Use Duel Layer and I Do Not Want To Compress.



Backing up games is a fairly complex subject since most pc games include protection of some sort which must be bypassed.

I suggest you do a lot of reading in our Copy Protection forum here at MyCE: http://club.myce.com/f80/

If you want help backing up a specific game, start a post in that forum.
Backing up games usually requires special software, like Alcohol 120.


You Don’t have to worry about the protection it’s Gone.


We allow discussions of copying games that you have purchased. Most games will have copy protection on the original disks. There are a few exceptions, like [I]Sins of a Solar Empire[/I] which came out with no protection at all, but they are extremely rare.

We do not condone piracy of games, or any other types of software, video or music. Your last reply seems to imply that you do not have the original disks which [B]will[/B] have protection except in a few isolated cases.

If you wish to get help with these games, you are going to have to name them. If they had protection on the original retail disks, then this discussion is going to get closed down quickly. If you are talking about [B]legal [/B]downloads of games, you’ll need to tell us the source and why there is no copy protection applied to them.

This is very thin ice you are on. Your second thread regarding the large game will be shut down now, until an adequate explanation is forthcoming.


These are my games I bought I said that in my first post.:clap:


I Resolved This Problem.Thank you for your help though.:slight_smile:


[QUOTE=hulkhogan;2536832]You Don’t have to worry about the protection it’s Gone.[/QUOTE]

I highly doubt it is gone by legit means…I have yet to see a game where besides it comes without protection you can even legitimately bypass the protection.