I need help copying disc 2 of simcity 4



I need help on copying the second disc in simcity 4? HELP PLEASE


Try using any of the following to make a copy of the disc.

Alcohol 120%


You should be fine with CloneCD.


i tried all of those. they always had an error wly righting the disc


while writing or reading? while reading it’s normal, let it go.


If i tr to copy it there are erros and while reading it there are also errors.


The errors while reading are normal, just let it go. Once it gets past the errors (around sector 10000) the rest of the reading will complete alot faster.


what program lets u get past the errors? also have you copyed simcity 4


Any of alcohol, blindwrite, CloneCD, Discdump and Discjuggler, amongst others will get past the errors. You just need to have a little patience (and yes, I have made a working back-up copy of this game).


if i paid you can you send me a copy


Nope, that would be illegal and we don’t allow that here.

Read and try this.

And like everybody else said: the errors are a part of the copying progress, don’t worry about them.


can you give me the step by step process do copying the cd



  1. Start Alcohol 120%
  2. Start the “Image making wizard”
  3. Select the “SafeDisc 2/3” profile, and select 8x read speed
  4. Select where to put the images (best on desctop)
  5. Start reading, if it it very slow and gives alot of errors at the begining this is 100% normal, dont worry, they will stop at around 10% and it will speed up
  6. Once it has finished start the “Image burning wizard”
  7. Select the image file you just made
  8. Select the burner you want, and burn speed at 8x, select the “SafeDisc 2/3” profile, then uncheck the “Bypass EFM Error” box, then click next, and start burning.
  9. Once it has finished burning go to the “Emulation” tab, and make sure “Ignore Media Type” is checked
  10. Try to start the game.

Hope this helps,

Ben :slight_smile:


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were do you see bypass efm errors when you are in image burning wizard? i dont see it


What version of Alcohol do you have?


how do I know what version I have


In the Alcohol 120% main screen, go to ‘Help’, and then ‘About Alcohol 120%’. Up the top it should say your version name.


i have



Make sure it it unchecked