I need help copying a xbox360 copy protected game

hi guys i need to know how to burn xbox360 copy protected games. i hav skate 2 that i would like create a backup of so that if i do scratch the game or anything then i got it coverd with the backup. can anybody help. if you do can you reply via email. Email removed. thanks

You need to edit your post and remove your email address or you might start getting lots of spam, sorry I don’t do games but somebody will pop in to help you

All the information you need is in the console section.

Moving your thread to the console section. Welcome to the forums.

@ OP…

to sum it up… you console needs to be moded first of all.

and second… depending on what DVD-ROM drive is in your XBox360 you can either use that (but it’s not really practical for general use since your XBox360 has to be opened up to connect the DVD-ROM drive to the PC etc) OR get a Kreon drive (from ebay etc) which goes into your PC and CAN read original game discs. if your discs are already burned you can copy those straight up but original game discs your PC drive can’t read them pretty much