I need help because apparently I'm stupid - GSA-H62L

Hi guys. I’m really frustrated and am at wits end. I had a super old copy of DVD Fab and an old Pioneer DVD writer that worked perfectly for backing up and ripping my DVD’s (now its part of my wife’s computer). I got the LG GSA-H62L quite a while ago, and just this past week got the latest version of DVD Fab Platinum. I’m trying to do (DVD-5) copy of my SpongeBob Squarepants and my other children’s movies as a test since I can never have too many copies for my nieces to abuse. But I cannot get a single rip to work with this new drive. They rip just fine on the crappy old drive and with super old DVD Fab so it must be “me” and I’m guessing it’s a configuration situation.

Can someone help give me some guidance? I’ve used 8 different kinds of media so it’s not a “media problem”, and like I said it works fine off my wife’s system. I’d like to do some dual layer rips in the future, but I"m not going to waste those DVD’s on something like this (especially since I’ve had zero success so far).

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Your problem is that you are very un-specific with your complaints. What, exactly, is failing? Reading? Transcoding? Writing?

It sounds like it might be a writing problem, as you say you have tried “8 different kinds of media”. If it is a writing problem, then name the media you are attempting to write on. Be specific, give us the “MID” as shown by CdSpeed “Disc Info” tab. What speed are you attempting to write at? What firmware is presently loaded on your drive?

The writing was failing. I finally got it to work by checking all the boxes on the protection tab. Now I’m trying DL-DVD’s and was surprised the clone option didn’t work (since I thought it was a bit-to-bit copy). But after only selecting certain features and once again, having all the options on the protection tab checked - it’s working. My issue was a lack of documentation or list of suggested settings for DVD Fab.

BTW - how woud one see a transcoding problem? When would it present itself?