I need firmware lite-on LH-20A1P to reduce speed reader , HELP!




I need reduce reader speed for liteon LH-20A1P at 8x or 12x

Any firmware ??

Helpme please



[QUOTE=mario _64k;2171342]Hi

I need reduce reader speed for liteon LH-20A1P at 8x or 12x

Any firmware ??

Helpme please


Try Nero DriveSpeed.


thankyou , but no

I need install this drive in a xbox original whit 8x



mario _64k, my understanding is that a standard drive will not work in an xbox. Have you tried it? Just lowering the read speed won’t make it work.

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It works. He’s talking about the original xbox not the 360. You can connect any drive to a modded xbox. It won’t read original game discs but backups play perfectly fine.
My xbox uses the SH-D162D with my low noise firmware. It’s completely silent while loading times are much better than with the original drive.

I’ll look into the LH-20A1P firmware when I have the time. Could take a while so. I never modded a Lite-On firmware and need to understand how the read speed is set.


Thanks for the info, Scan-C. Good to hear you are a patcher yourself. FYI, LiteOn firmware for this model has patch protection, which can cause strange faults if triggered. :wink:

mario _64k, here’s the 20A1P KL0P with all DVD read speeds set to 8x. Let me know how this works:

[B]Edit:[/B] It only slows down DVD media.


I felt like I needed a challenge today, so I located the CD read speed routine and now the file on this link has CD & DVD limited to 8x reading:


Beat me to it :slight_smile:
I got DVD speeds patched but wasn’t sure if it works. Don’t have a drive to test it on. But after comparing your and my attempt it seems I got it right.

Guess I’ll have to buy a Lite-On today. More of a challenge than Samsung and Pioneer :smiley: