I need firmware for LG GSA-H42L



I need firmware for LG GSA-H42L,
my dvd recorder don´t recognizes DVDRW+ discs…



Firmware is already installed on your drive, it should be SL00. No newer available.

If some discs won´t detect, try other, these´s nothing else you can do right now.


i’m very disapointed with this model. i hope that a new firmware will solve the problems.


My 42 is a very good drive. What are your problems? There will probably be no changes in the firmware that will solve your troubles so it might be a good idea to more clearly list what is wrong so we can offer some help.

If you don’t need the Lightscribe, there is a buffalo version of the firmware that is pretty good but I doubt it will do anything more than add auto bitsetting.

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I can’t get the buffalo version to work on my H42L. I would like to try it.

Never mind. I have gotten a fix for it from ala42 (I hope he doesn’t mind that I shared it.)

If he doesn’t mind, I would be glad to share it with anyone who sends me an e-mail or private message.


ala42 has beaten me to it:



…my Drive also has a bad write quaily:

Verbatim DVD-R @18x

Optodisc @ 8x:

Verbatim DVD+R @18x


Is there a new firmware for this drive.
I put this drive in my G5 Tower and it works except when the computer goes to to sleep. When it goes to sleep, DVD drive goes to sleep and the G5 can’t access it on wake and any program requesting the DVD drive just stops.


my problem is fixed. the h42l couldn’t use the DMA mode, just PIO. a reseted the controler and put it on DMA. Now it “fly’s”. Great speed, great acces.
see ya. :iagree:


H42L/N series are nice and fast :wink:


I bought A GSA-H42LI a while back seems to work fine; had to replace my older burner which would still read but not write, one day I heard a loud pop and that was that…

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BTW would like to see some neat downloads/sites for LightScribe


Same problem here with my 2 days h42l.i uninstalled alcohol 120% and everything worked perfectly.all my dvdrw +/- were recognized.the same thing happened to a friend with a nec 4550 did the same thing (uninstalled alcohol) and everything worked.
hope this helps,best of luck


See my post in THIS THREAD for SL01 firmware for GSA-H42L.