I need firmware advice

alright… i really want to put faith in the ‘Convertxtodvd’ program…
i have the latest version -2.2.3-
Im using -4.7gb memorex dvd+r-(maybe thats the problem)
and an -LG GSA-4160B dvd writer-

but it still wont burn me my dvd’s
dont get me wrong-i have had some marginal success…but id like to stop having to throw out my dvd abortions :a

So i decide to try a firmware upgrade… and i found the A306 upgrade… then i detached everything else on the IDE cable and put the dvd burner on the secondary IDE… set the jumper position to master, and created a system restore point… then when i click the exe to update and… nothing. my cursor has the 'hold on a sec im doing something" timer for about 5 seconds …then nothing.

can someone plz tell me what the hell is or isnt happening?! :sad:

Use better media.

TY and Verbatim.

Make sure when you are trying to udate the drive firmware there is no disc in the drive.

You might want to check on your jumper settings sometimes you don’t need to set master when it the single unit on the IDE cable. That might be why its just hanging when you try to update the firmware. What connector do you have your HDD connect to IDE1? Is that burner the sole unit on IDE2? If so you should’ve has to set the master jumper on it. But do read about your jumper setting on the manual or label on the drive and or else check the manufacture site on what jumper settings the recommend for different configuration from single unit to two units on the IDE cable. Also makes sure the cable is 80 pin as well and all the connectors are a tight but not loose fit.