I need DVD to MP4 but with special feature help



hi guys…

I tried nero’s recode2 , it was perfect except for the volume being low…

I have also tried imtoo’s software the volume adjustment and scanning was great but the subtitle cannot be turned off and only 1video&audio…

I want a DVD-MP4 program great if suppors dualcore
It must have a volume scanning or volume adjustment.
more than 1 audio track must be storable in the mp4 file
more than 1 subtitle track must be storable in the mp4 file

if you know of any program that do this please let me know.

thanks in advance!


I have installed that reg patch floating around…

it works, at 80(128) the volume is a little increased!

anyone know any other numbers that increase it more…

if you use anything BUT 80(128) the volume is low again!!!


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