I need DVD support for data DVD's



Hi, the latest K3b sometimes does bad writes on my dvd’s and it’s annoying.

I really would like some DVD support in Nero Linux. I have an AOpen Dual layer DVD writer I got from tigerdirect and it works super well.

If you can do some data DVD support, I’ll buy a license. I like nero better than k3b, shhhh, don’t tell anyone :wink:


DVD data support? I burn DVD data all the time with NeroLINUX, and have since it’s first public version. Maybe I don’t understand what you mean though?


Hum… NeroLINUX definitly has DVD support, for Data DVD and DVD-Video. It can write DVD+R,+RW,-R,-RW and also +R DL and -R DL. NeroLINUX also supports external DVD recorders, connected to the USB or FireWire port.