I need DVD+-RW good ones

I have the crap memorex +RW and my lvd-2001 liteon player usually has problems with freezes on these crap media. Are there any quality + or -RW’s equivalent to a TY?

Have you used DVDidentifer to find out who actually makes these discs then it may be easier to tell you. Also what burner are you using to burn them that makes quite a difference as well.

Using the benq 1620, I’ve found the dvd+rw from MAXELL and SONY to be quite excellent. Anywhere from 92-95% quality scores with no major spikes in PIFs. They are both using Japanese MID but both made in taiwan.

While not TY standards, very very good for +RW.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the memorez for about a dollar less, but uses the same jap mid.

I have had excellant results with Ritek +RW, RICOHW11. Newegg and Amazon have them.

I also had good success with Ritek 4x DVD+RW purchased from Amazon in 25pk spindles.
Good burns with no skipping or freezing. Made in Taiwan, Media Code: RICOHJPN W11

The only kind I’ve tried is TDK-branded PHILIPS.041, and it has yet to let me down.

Yes, I like Philips 041 too… Here is a scan burned at 4x on LiteOn 1653

I have had excellant results with Traxdata +RW, RICOHW11 too and philips +RW, theyre RICOHW11 also