I need DVD-R to play in all DVD players

Hi all
I have used Ulead Video Studio 9 to create a DVD photo slideshow to music and it plays beautifully in my DVD player. However it does not play in other ones.

Is there a way of getting it to play in theirs? Can I get a software package that will play in all DVD players? This is important as I am selling this as part of a wedding package.
Thanks Emiis

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Usually playback problems are due to a difficulty for a player to recognize correctly a media.

To improve as much as possible compatibility, the best way are basically two:

  1. Buy only quality media (verbatim and taiyo yuden are the very best, but there are also other good-decent media; you can see specific threads in blank media forum)
  2. burn +R media changing booktype in ROM, but only if your burner support this function.

What media are you using? What burner/firmware do you have? At what speed you burn your media?


this might be an issue of the media you are using.
Also make sure, that your software creates standard DVD compliant data.


I am using VideoStudio 9 and burning onto a TDK DVD-R. My CD/DVD burner is a seperate unit called Samsung Writemaster.
Should I look at the Project Properties options box.

  1. it says MPEG files or Microsoft AVI files (for which I chose MPEG files)
  2. options of compression size (?)
    3)choice of Media Type (MPEG1, MPEG2, NTSC DVD, PAL DVD, etc) to which it is set to PAL DVD.(?)
  3. Video Data rate (?)
    As you can see I am new to this. Thanks Emiis

You can find a lot on informations about video stuff here

I suggest to check these TDK media; they sell many different disc types. Check mediacode with dvd identifier, because your discs can be low quality media.