I need anydvd

if anyone has this version, please upload it or email it to me

you are not asking for crack software are you??

that is not allowed in anyway

no i just need that version of that program, no crack software

AnyDVD does not exist.

nevermind i got it

So you were really looking for, and not, then?

no i was looking for it came right after, 2004 01 26

  • New: Added warning, if CSS Keys were guessed by AnyDVD
  • New: Added display for archived CSS keys
  • New: Added option to delete archived CSS keys
  • New: Added Unicode support for non-ASCII (e.g., Japanese)
    registration names
  • Improved IDE driver compatibility
  • Improved behaviour on wakeup from stand by
  • Improved I/O subsystem
  • Improved CSS cracking
  • Bugfix: Installation problem with Windows 98/ME
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements, 2003 12 10

  • New: Re-Authentication by opening / closing drawer.
    Now Philips / Ricoh DVD Burners work with AnyDVD!
  • Important Fix: Authentication problem with some drives (e.g., NEC)
    introduced in AnyDVD version 3.x
  • Important Fix: Wrong CSS keys were archived, if a problem prevented
    key extraction
  • Updated languages

no i was looking for it came right after, 2004 01 26