I need another source for firmware, I-O Data 3.22 (rebadged to NEC 3520)

I have downloaded, a number of times, the above firmware and unfortunately, the bundled binflash seems to have a problem finding my 3520. Ihave flashed other firmwares with no problem and I have used binflash alone with no problem but from http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/
I get error messages. Either the bundle or the bin file will work, preferrably rebadged.


try without a firewall or a downloadmanager :wink:

dun really understd you, chas039, issit you cant flash? or you cant download?

I have no problem with the downloads from this website, never have. The problem is with the above firmware only it won’t recognize my drive. All other 3520 variations I have tried (4) recognize the drive and flash without a problem. I have to conclude that the flasher bundled with the bin for this version has a problem. As Binflash by itself works just fine, I am looking for the bin version of this firmware.

Binflash (standalone) also accepts exe firmwares…

Iodata flasher can only flash Iodata drive.
give me your email. i got the original 3.22 Iodata Bin file f/w.

maybe u drop me an email raygay27@yahoo.com.sg