I Need an MP3 VBR capable CD (or DVD) Player, DVD/MP3 compatability

Hello Chaps,
I have decided to look for a cheapish ($50 - $150) CD/universal player for my work system. I would like something that can deal with redbook CD and Mp3 Cds.

Two issues are that it must be able to cope with VBR Mp3s - I dont really want to re-encode my collection it took me long enough the first time, and it must cope with 700MB CDRs and preferably have long file name support. SACD might be nice but is not essential.

I have done quiet a lot of searching on the web and the VideoHelp.com site and cant find anything (currently available) that supports this and that has a (half) decent reputation. Does anyone know of a decent budget player that fits the bill.

Many thanks

Maybe this helps: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers?DVDname=&Search=Search&mp3=1&dvdportable=&dvdchanger=&dvdtv=&sacd=1&chipset=&country=&orderby=Name&hits=200&Submit2=Search

It’s pretty rare that you’ll find any equipment that chokes on VBR mp3s. It’s a standard, just like CBR is. The only problem I’ve ever run into is the time display being incorrect.

Older mp3 equipped devices will choke VBRs and produce really nasty noise instead. :rolleyes:

Well, my way of thinking is, if my old Rio 300 could handle it, DVD players on the market today should be fine.

Yup, they should. But theory is not practise in this weird world. :wink: