I need an Mp3 Organizer



I just found another few gigs worth of Mp3’s on my pc and I need help. I know there has to be duplicates. Are there organizer programs that will look for duplicate songs and maybe identify those for me so I can delete them? Prehaps this program can recognize that the titles of the songs are worded differently in case some of the songs have the album name on them and others dont. I would love some suggestions on which organizers you guys are useing so I can check them out.


i<ve asked the same thing awhile back. never got a responce eather.i’ve got over 40 gig & allways on the look out for more. would love to find some software that would organize for me. sort out the copys ect…
mabie there’s your million doller idea.if were looking then i’d bet theres more out there.
I’ll keep checking back & see if anyone responds to this thread.


Go n get “CD Catalog Expert” it will catalog All your MP3s n Albums n Programs n CDRs n DVDRs…It’s one of the Best out there…


I know that i tunes can check for duplicates…but if the name is even slightly different it will not catch it


The smallest/cheapest mp3 organizer is Cathy, freeware from I forgot where. Standalone (no install), duplicate finder, cataloguer, all you need. Google for it, or try www.majorgeeks.com .


I used MediaMonkey… it’s a great program for organizing your music library and playing your music files! It even can automaticially tag your music files by using amazons database and has a really easy to use explorer type interface. It supports nearly every type of music media file extension as well.



Take a look at this.

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Can someone aid in finding this? MajorGeeks.com search of Cathy returns nothing, and a Google of cathy only returned 1 hit from a freedownloadscenter that had it but you have to use their “download manager” to receive the program (sounds fishy).


Found here.


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i use musicmach jukebox for my mp3s. i paid for the good one and am very pleased. puts everything in order and you can start typing and it will take you to the song as you type. once you get use to useing it is good to have. rips fast. i have over 6000 songs to keep in order, and it does the job for me.


I have 150 gig of mp3 files on several drives and i want to make one file on one drive


can any one help


can anyone help me with advice on moving large mp3 file from amny hard drives to one


docstepxx - or anyone out there - did anyone find a solution to this problem??..just wondering - does anyone know what is the best software out there to use for detecting duplicates as well as organizing them?


I’m a big fan of iTunes. It can consolidate files into a single default location, and with various sorting options, can help show dupes pretty easily.

It’s free, and maybe worth looking into.


but I have some files from the napster era…