I Need An ISP



Any advise on a dial-up ISP would be appreciated.

$6.25/month for the 5x dial-up feature.

Does anyone know of www.550access.com?
They’re $8.95/month for the 5x faster dial-up.
I think you HAVE TO use their “browser” software.

basicisp.net is $9.95/month for the 5x dial-up feature.

I was using access-4-free but they folded-up shop as a dial-up ISP.
I tried the evil empire, Netscape, whcih was $10.95/month for the 5x dial-up but they have faulty nag screens, bump you off-line and many servers refuse service to AOL servers. AOL, Netscape, CompuServe and Walmart are all part of the same empire with evil servers.

I found these searching at a library. Please let me know your thoughts on the above or any others you’re aware of.

Thank you