I need an intervention

the plan was to rip my computer apart tonight. Hell, the plan was to rip my computer apart this morning, but I had to move some stuff, and maybe do a backup that never got done… Actually I didn’t have to do anything. I upgraded my main computer from an athlon xp to an athlon 64 (a month and a half ago!!!). My second computer had an athlon xp 2400 (not near as good due to bus speed and shit motherboard and shit memory and a corupt widows install that has undergone several repair installs just to keep it working (cant even go into control pannel without explorer-desktop etc crashing). So the 2500 pull, the abit nf7-s pull, needs to go in the old system. I have two 160 gig hard drives blank and ready to raid on a new system. I can take the old win install (and the whole drive it is on) ande store it intact or even build a 3rd system (mega crappy case but a case), the motherboard and memory (and there is no shortage of components to finishit off), and put it in its own case and recreate the computer if I need it so bad (till I install nesasary software on the new one).

Instead, I spend my time doing this
Or whatever I can do to avoid responsibility, watch tv or whatever (I have 3 multiformat players to make tv watching easier and if there is nothing else good to watch, I can always watch scrubs…
I should tear my computer apart and rebuild it right now!!! Even this post is me avoiding doing it cause I’m lasy…
While my computer equipment is varried and some may be old, some is new and new or old, most is good stuff (maybe not state of the are but well working and fast enough).
so I’ll take another drink, watch some scrubs… If you hear from me, I havent started (you should seriouslly yelll at me for that). If you don’t hear from me, maybe I actually did it (at least a bit of the hardware end of it).
Fyi, dont work on your computer when you are drunk coments are not nessasary. This is the same old recycled equipment that I have been using for a while and I know it in and out. I just need to change stuff around (and despratlly need a new windows install, but as the old one is on a 60 gig drive, the space can easilly be sacrificed to keep the drive intact).

Someone feel like kicking me (nasty words like get off your lasy ass and do it tonight are encouraged)… If I do not get it done tonight/tomorow (will have a hangover tomorow so who knows about my work ability, it varries), it will not get done for at least a week (scedule issues, obligations, work, this is my only free time etc…).

Second picture unrelated.

Nice one Ailhead :bigsmile:

I need to fit my 4551A in place of my 1650, and I keep putting it off 'cos of the heat, so really I’m a bad person to ask about kicking your butt, I’m as bad as you, ripit :bigsmile:

Thats the the same frame of mind I have been in for over a year!
My moto has been "Why do today whay can be put off until tomorrow."
No matter how hard I try I can’t shake it. :frowning:

haha whenevr i have something to do i do everything BUT that thing.

instead of looking for a job i clean the house, reorganize my closet, alphabetize my cds and dvds, etc, etc…

That sounds like my kinda motto :bigsmile:

Well, I didn’t touch the computer. lol. I kind of saw that one coming. As I don’t have to work today, maybe I’ll get to it, or maybe I’ll just use being hungover as an excuse to be lasy yet again…

As did I :bigsmile:

I bet you do your PC stuff before me, though, even if you do keep putting it off!

I could win medals for my laziness, it should be an Olympic event :bigsmile:

I’m going to depart from my usual LR attitude and give some free advice and hopefully you will give it some serious thought…
Check out this Link and think about laying off the sauce…Alcohol solves nothing…
Check with your Corporate HR Department and inquire about the availability of an EAP or something similar…
The first step on the road to recovery is to recognize that something is wrong and be willing to talk about it…
You’ve taken that step, now carry through with it before the newest addition to your family arrives…

I’m not so sure that things are that bad (maybe 5-6 years ago after a major back injurie they were), but right now, about the only major problems/stress in my life revolve around not having enough money. Its not like we are poor. I have worked the same full time job for about 5 years with benifits. 350$ a month for daycare (double that when the new child comes) and over 400$ a month in student loans dont help though, but my wife works full time too (and actually makes 13$ an hour, 3$ more than me) so we are not exactlly mega poor. I’m just a screw around and have fun kind of guy (important things always get taken care of though). Computers are more of a hobby and or a tool for personal intertainment (and occationally a tool for more important things) so its not like keeping them running perfect is critical. I change around hardware and or mess with thing enough, that is half the problem kepping them healthy (I add, remove, change hardware too often), but after all, that is part of it being a hobby for me.
As far a alcohol, I dont have the occation beer or a glass of wine with dinner (not even a single drink). I only drink with the intention of getting drunk (sometimes very drunk) for the recreational aspects of it, and I only drink when I do not have to work the next day. Its just always been part of my lifestyle since I was quite young. Granted, I did spend an entire summer drunk once (many years back in college, out for the summer), but then again when I was going to the University of Utah (a very tough school), I had too many responsibilities to drink at all (and didnt) with the exception of semester breaks every few months. An alcoholic, maybe, maybe not. I guess it depends on how you look at it. You are right about one thing though. With a child and another on the way, my partying days might just have to come to an end (two decades of partying ought to be enough, lol).
Thanks for the concern but things are alright (It would be beter if I was rich, lol). Drinking and playing on the computer and watching tv and movies are what I do on my day off if I don’t have more importaint things I need to do (and overall not that expensive compared to say a night on the town on my day off).
If I seem a bit dramatic when I post here sometimes, It just cause I’m kind of a dramatic person (and of course alcohol amplifys that to the extreme). I tend to exagerate a bit. For instance, while this computer is kind of messed up, my other one has a new windows install and is running perfect (nicely overclocked too). I have chosen not to conect it to the internet (so no antivirus/spyware software, nor internet clutter stealing my power). the only reason I need this one running beter is for internet related things (not to mention it is nice to have two computers to multitask, and switch back and forth with a kvm switch).

What is today but yesterday’s tomorrow?

Stop wasting time & money on computers.
Go outside & play on the swings. It wouldn’t hurt to take your wife & kid/s :wink:

Unfortunately, the US government has been dragging it’s feet concerning looking after it’s citizens & the average household can’t make ends meet, even with two incomes.
You can thank capitalism for that, or perhaps just the corporate bought pollies which perpetuate the problem.
You aren’t alone.

I agree 100%. Our government cares more about people in other countries that it does it’s own citizens. Not looking for a political fight, this is just MO.