I need an expert for this toughie

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LVW-5005B DVD Recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]My liteon 5045 does some strange things… here is the scoop:

Just recently i have gone thru 4 dvd coasters because my PC will burn the DVD-R to my perfection, The PC reads the disc thru PowerDVD 7 and displays picture audio and disc ID satisfactory for me…, I then take Th disc out of the DVD rom tray and place it into my LiteOn 5445 and it immediately starts to look for the information that I just verified with my PC., It can’t find anything ejects the disc and when I place it back into my PC dvd rom tray the PC can’t find anything at all… Some how the Lite has written something on the disc ( even though it was finalized using ConvertXtoDVD 3, it now fails to find anything and displays No DVD inserted.

Now for the kicker, both my stand alone DVD players ( toshiba brands) will play back the DVD-R …

But I can’t get the disc in my PC to show any type of disc ID.
I thought once a DVD-r was finalized it can’t write anything on it again ?

Any help or advice greatly appreciated …