I need an elementary cd copy program *Click for specifics*

I have a customer who wants to back up their cd collection but still maintain the quality on the cds. I was looking for something you can select your particular tracks and burn them to cd. The program needs to be EASY. Its for someone who uses the computer for email and word processing.

Nero…with the wizard it is very easy to burn CDs…even compilation CDs.
Don’t know about Roxio these days, but that used to be an easy to use program as well (probably still is).

These may not be the best programs to get around certain copy protections, but I guess that is the trade off you have to make…

I use Roxio 7.5 generally for CD copying, Audio & MP3 CD creation. I reckon it’s about as easy as you can get.

Never used Nero for this but if that’s the route you take stick to Nero 6 for now.

I’ve looked at Roxio 8 & like Nero 7 I’d keep away from it for now.

Although I haven’t had it installed on my PC for some time, I recall NTI CD & DVD Maker is quite simple. All of the available features are icon driven, i.e.; click the “copy disc” icon, load cd to be copied, load blank cd, click the start button, done. If you search around the web you can usually find a past version (like version 6) dirt cheap. I’ve recommended this program to several friends who don’t aspire to CD/DVD geek-dom and they’ve been quite happy it :wink:

Is there one that is simple as load cd click track 1,6, and 8 then copy to cd and still maintain quality? Thats sort of what im looking for.

thanks for replying guys i figured id get some assistance from the worlds most knowledgeble