I need advice on how to apply advice given!

I posted a message earlier about another problem and the response was to fix some things, however, I dont know how to go about it as I am computer jargon illiterate… I need to set my target output size but dont know where to find this to set it… :o also I was told to make sure my firmware was up to date… firmware, whats firmware :confused: ???

Please help me…

sorry if I sound a bit doh… :doh:

. Hi

. I’m confused. Why not tell the responders that you need a little hand-holding? We’ve all been there. You’re willing to confess your illiteracy here - no more private than wherever you got your previous answers.

. I’d help, if I could, but I’m a Newbie, too.

. Isn’t that the purpose of the Newbie Forum - one can be :doh: and not get laughed at? :wink: Hang in there!
. In any case, the gurus are going to need more info: apps and versions, &c. You can’t give too much info - tell them what color your hair is. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t see your original post, and don’t really feel like searching for it. Please give more particulars as to what you are trying to do. If you are trying to set the bitrate for a video, there are numerous guides and articles on www.videohelp.com

whats the problem?