I need advice on buying a carousel CD player

I currently have a mid-level stereo system for listening to music - jazz and classical. I use a Adcom 5400 power amp, Anthem TLP-1 pre-amp and a pair of Definitive Technology Tower Speakers.

The CD player I have used with that system, a Sony CDP-C601ES, has finally failed after 14 years of reliable service. I have greatly appreciated the carousel feature of that CD player, particularly with jazz, I like to put 3 or 4 CD’s in at a time and listen to them in a random shuffle mode.

Therefore, I want to replace this CD player with another carousel model. My local audio store only has one such carousel player in stock, a Yamaha 697B. However the salesman is recommending a single-play player because he feels the Yamaha is a lower quality component than my other components. At this point I am reluctant to buy a single-play player.

Does anyone have any comments on the Yamaha 697B, or suggestions about other carousel players that I should consider for use with my system? I am willing to spend up to four or five hundred dollars to get a component appropriate to my system.


Hi stewveg18 and welcome:

We just bought a refurbished Onkyo unit and love it. The item shown in the screenshot is the item we purchased. Also, take a look at this thread where I mention joing clubOnkyo (free).


The screenshot also shows that they’re offering an extra 10% for joining for refurbished items. I believe their items (above $100) ship free and there is a warranty.


I own a Denon Carousel CD player and would highly recommend this one:

Suggest shopping this very agressively - there are a lot of deals out there right now-eh!!