I need advice on a optical slim drive

I have a Fujitsu LifeBook T4020. I want to put a cd or dvd drive into the media slot. I bought a drive that did fit in the slot … but the connector is not the same as the one on the motherboard. So far I have wasted $49 on a drive I cant use … can anyone please tell me what drive I can use for this tablet. I want it to be internal because I need to boot from it to install a new OS and the bios will only boot from the HD or CD/DVD drive. I know I can buy one from Fujitsu direct … but they want $169 for theirs. I know there must be another one I can use ??

Thank you !

Did it not come with a drive? Did it come with the extra battery?

[QUOTE=tgidday;1922652]Did it not come with a drive? Did it come with the extra battery?[/QUOTE]

No it did not come with any optical drive. Windows was pre-installed on the HD. And yes it came with a second battery in the multi-bay.

I am just trying to install a newer version of windows (tablet) and I dont believe that I can boot from USB or I would buy a USB cd drive. Also I have tried making multi partitions and install from the HD but it just wont work without the CD … so I am in need of a CD or DVD player.

Help !! :confused:

It sounds like the standard drive would be fitted in a caddy that then slots in the extra bay. If this is the case then you may have no choice but to find a cheap supplyer of either the caddy or an original drive.

I know some Toshiba’s used a caddy with a custom connector on the end but inside this caddy was an adaptor plate that connected to a standard laptop optical drive.