I need advice in burning DVD9 to DVD5



look here’s the deal, i burn dvd’s i rent (they’re dual layer dvds), but i’m not a pro or anything at burning here’s what i do

i rip the full dvd to my hard drive and then using ratDVD i shrink them to 1.5-3 Gb files (which can be played with Windows Media Player ONLY) but then i convert them back to dvd’s (choosing the file size to be 4.4 GBs) and i get a copy of the entire dvd including extras, subtitles and even all the spoken languages, and i just burn the dvd from my hard drive to a DVD5 - at the end i get a dvd with almost perfect quality (i’d say 99%)

the problem is that it takes me about 12 hours to do this, does anybody know a faster way of doing it???

i’d really apreciaty it anybody had some suggestions.


If you think that looks almost perfect, you should have no problem using DVD Shrink. If you’re not actually storing it to ratDVD, that’s a completely useless step that just degrades the video quality. Shrink should take you a couple hours, tops.


Have you read the forum rules?


Indeed: discussions surrounding the copying of rental DVDs are not allowed on this forum :cop:.