I need a welder



i need someone who can weld near london and also i need some carbon fibre/foam sandwich making do you know anyone who can help


Is this related to this thread or forum or you are just joking?


based on your title, I dont think you can handle a welder, fire is too dangerous for you, stay safe



To the OP…Put the tungston electrode down and slowly back away.

What am I thinkin?? MIG is likely much more down your alley huh? Lemme guess…flux core? :stuck_out_tongue:





ebay for a new xbox


Not really related to the Bargain Basement. I will move to the General Hardware forum since we really don’t have an area for welding.


Not sure what you want as I do not have a X Box. Here are sites on board repair; they sell supplies and do repair which is expensive.






Being a senior citizen I have watched for decades as people have found new means for couching their laziness, but using the Internet to ask for a welder is a new one! I guess letting you fingers walk through the yellow pages is just too strenuous now days.


i ahvnt been on for ages so i couldnt check what people have written sorry i wasnt that specific it isnt for my xbox i am making a plane (that is what the carbon fibre is for)… i guess that it was a bit lazy of me to ask on here but i was on at the time so i guessed i might aswell.


i think some of the prior comments were uncalled for and I mean no offense, but this is a computer related forum whose main focus is cd and dvd ripping, burning, etc. There are members here from MANY different countries.

I don’t think this is the most logical or efficient place to look for help with building a plane in london.

but i guess you never know



To build a fantastic plane, all you need is … a piece of paper & a Xen Master.

By happy Co-incidence, we have a Xen Master …

>>>> here<<<<


Then the Xen Master will give you this link and will await the results of Grasshopper while he medidates. :bigsmile: