I need a second opinion from an expert

Please don’t tell me I have to ask the tech what he means
I just need a second opinion …
A tech I spoke to said the following , “If you restore files from a CD remember that because they came from a CD they will be “read only” so you will have to make them read/write if you want to work with them.” I haven’t a clue to what he is talking about , He never explained to me how to make them read/write and besides I think he is full of it with that statement
Because I use nero and incd and doesn’t the incd program format the cd’s so they are read/write ? or doesn’t the fact that my two internal optical drives are both dvd/rw and cdrw mean when I restore they will be read/write ?
or does it depend on the type of media your using ?
Does that what the tech told me , mean that the cd-r media will not work upon trying to restore but a cdrw or dvdrw blank media will read / write upon restoration ?
Or if his statement is correct and if everything I am doing is wrong ,
Can someone pleasetell me what am I suppose to do , so that my backups on cd’s will be read/write after I restore them
I need to delete all my documents from seven years back and photos and music in preperation for using partition magic to partition my hardrive and need to have reliable backups to restore ?

Copy your files from your CD to a folder. After you do that, Right-Click a file and click “properties” If the file has the attribute “Read-Only” checked, then uncheck it. This will make the file read/write instead of read only.

You can also make an entire directory read/write too using the same method.

If the cd/dvd is rw (not just r) you can read/write and erase it the same as you would your hard-drive. I like to use cd/dvd rw media, for back-ups, so I can erase old files and replace them with new ones. For permanent back-ups I use r media.

Quote from revgen “Copy your files from your CD to a folder”. Would that be to my documents or to a partition which I have and then copy and paste ?
I could do it either way
Then click onto properties and If the file has the attribute “Read-Only” checked, then uncheck it.
Ok I will try that , not sure I will find properties tho and read only but we will see , hope so …
No wonder everyone says this is the best forum for cd/dvd and related software on the whole wide internet …Thank You very much for your help

Yeh, second to none this place! :smiley:

BTW, you can copy & paste the files from the CD to any folder or partition on your hard-drive. It doesn’t have to be “My documents”. :slight_smile: