I need a replacement for DVD Shrink 3.2



I know I know DVD Shrink is out dated and probably hasn’t been updated for almost 2 years now, but I kind of liked it. :slight_smile: Anyway after getting several errors with recent movies and reading other posts I’ve come to realize that DVD Shrink has had its day.

I am looking for input from the “experts” :bow: for a comparable replacement. Let me tell you upfront the best thing I liked about DVD shrink is that it was free! but I would consider spending a few bucks to get a good product. I do have Any DVD and I also have Roxio Media Creator 7.5 (don’t really like it that much).

 Please point me in the right direction with your personnal reviews of what's out there.  Thank you all in advance!!

Dave Fitz


Dave I still use DVD Shrink and have no problems as long as I use Ripit4me as the ripper. It basically rips the dvd to hard drive an opens it in shrink. It great because if you use the 1 click option, it does everything for you. So you can continue to use DVD Shrink no problem. I have been using it for like 3 months now never a problem with it. It will do any new release out there. Here is the web site where you can download the installer http://www.ripit4me.org/. All you have to do is install DVD Shrink which you already have and DVD Decrypter then install ripit4me using the installer. Here is a link to the forum, http://forum.digital-digest.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97.


I second the comment about RipIt4Me. It works a treat. I also use DVDShrink and consider it to be one of the very best out there, assuming you are not using it to decrypt.

However, it is my understanding that if you install and activate AnyDVD and leave it running in the background, you should be able to use DVDShrink in the manner you are accustomed to - since AnyDVD will present the videos to DVDShrink as already unprotected and DVDShrink can perform unfettered. You might try downloading and installing AnyDVD and experiment with it in conjunction with DVDShrink to see if it solves your issue.

By the way - I also use Roxio’s EMC 7.5 for lots of things and like it very much and find it to be very reliable - particularly for dvd burning.


You can use Clonedvd2 to rip, and import that rip into Shrink, if you prefer using Anydvd–or you can, for now, anyway, use Nero Recode, which will also import all that Sony junk directly when using Anydvd (this is faster than using Ripit4me in my tests on 6 different disks).

Nero Recode offers about the same transcoder quality as Shrink (and Recode also tends to be faster than Shrink based on my own testing).


@Dave Ripit4me may be a bit more time consuming but almost 100% reliable in my experiences. There have been many movies here recently where users who use anydvd had to wait for update in order to get their backup. I find and I’m sure others maybe even Webslinger, will agree Ripit4me tends to not needs so many updates to get a rip. The best thing about Ripit4me is also 100% free you don’t pay a penny.


DVdShrink has never cause me issues…never


Do as Webslinger has posted, try CloneDVD2 for 21 days free of charge. See if you like it, it is not that expensive and I think there is a discount right now. Look at their website.http://www.slysoft.com/en/


I want to thank everyone for thier inputs so far. But I think I need to be a little more clear. I run AnyDVD in the background for all of my DVD burning and almost have been using DVD Shrink exclusively. Anyway the last two movies I tried to burn (Saw3 and Open Season) I had trouble using DVD Shrink. I love the way Any dvd stays current and updates to stay even with the new DVD’s but in other fourms I read that it may be a Any DVD + DVD Shrink issue that I am having. I do not want to replace Any DVD, I just want an easy to use fairly inexpensive alternative to DVD shrink. Keep your Input coming I’ll let you all know what I decide to do. Thanks again


If you want to continue using AnyDVD and Shrink together, there are a few ways to do that. DVD Shrink simply hates the DVD structure of new copy protections. So, what needs to be done is that you need to clean up the DVD structure during or after ripping it to your hard drive. If you want to fix it during, you can use CloneDVD in DVD DL mode. This will turn off the compression, allow you to unselect things you don’t want like previews and extra while keeping the menus, and it will fix the DVD structure during the ripping process. Just select a folder on your hard drive as the output. Once it’s done, you can open it with Shrink and you’re good to go.

Another option is to copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive by using Windows explorer and dragging it from the DVD to your hard drive. Once on the hard drive, you can run FixVTS to fix the DVD structure in place. After that you can open it with DVD Shrink.

The CloneDVD method SOUNDS more complicated but it’s not. It’s VERY VERY easy. Side bonus is you’d only use Shrink when the compression would be too high and you want to get better results…otherwise just use CloneDVD.

In any case, you have some options there. I HIGHLY recommend CloneDVD as it’s an excellent product and in most cases you won’t need to use DVD Shrink. Only when you have a disc that requires more compression would you need Shrink.


I to have ripitforme and shrink I love them , esp when waiting for a update for anydvd … What I love about shrink is you can pick and adjust the dvd quialty of the dvd

I have clone dvd , but every movie comes out with the directors coments instead of the movie voices


Posted BY lightingstorm

I have clone dvd , but every movie comes out with the directors coments instead of the movie voices

You have the wrong title sets checked. Check the audio steams also.:iagree:


I suggest you keep RipIt4Me on your computer - and updated - and just use it whenever AnyDVD leaves you with video files that DVDShrink cannot handle. It seems to always work just fine with any title. If you do not want to do that, then maybe you should just spring for CloneDVD2 since it is able to handle the occasional problematic areas left behind by AnyDVD most of the time.


If you just want the main movie only with Shrink, many people are reporting success just using Anydvd ripper (this is for the newer Sony junk) as well.

As previously mentioned Anydvd drag and drop + fixvts should also work for the Sony nonsense.


Many shrink loyalists get insulted when members suggest using CloneDVD to rip and fix structure issues. I.E. why should I have to use CloneDVD … that is what AnyDVD is supposed to do. What I don’t think some members understand is that, while it is true that AnyDVD decrypts, encryption protections and structural protections are two different things. Purposeful structure errors [I]IS[/I] a type of protection but it is not encryption. So one needs to be able to resolve both forms of protection in order to use Shink’s superior “deep analysis” compression abilities.

And quickly, on the fly; not statically in the rip-folder which is time consuming.

Also, the ability to retain the menus is probably [I]THE[/I] single best solution for people who have problems with director’s commentaries playing by default instead of the main movie sound tracks. Many DVD’s are authored in a way that the Video Manager matrixes the audio and subtitle tracks through the menu structure. If the menu’s are eliminated, the player receives not audio/subtitle track default information and is forced to guess what track to play by default.

SamuriHL, I like your writing style … you get an A+ for your posting which gives you the choice of a full scholarship to Georgetown, MIT, Stanford or Harvard. Where do you want to go? :wink:



Whisperer1, the only encryption on a standard commercial DVD that I know of is CSS.

Why don’t people, after ripping the DVD to your computer with AnyDVD, run it through FixVTS? This would enable them to use DVD Shrink.


i still use shrink when the compression is more than 75%. i think the quality is better. like the others have said, you can still use it if you use fixvts with anydvd or ripit4me.


I personally love Nero Recode (part of the nero suite - www.nero.com) and you can get it free if you watch your local Fry’s Electronics ad. It’ll cost you $69.99 or so but will typically offer a $70.00 rebate. When used in conjunction with AnyDVD, it’s a very good DVD compression and copy utility. I own a license for CloneDVD2 (www.slysoft.com) as well and find it to be an equally good solution with a reasonable price tag of $34 - $39 USD.

p.s. For those people that may not have a Fry’s store locally, you can check out http://www.frys.com. They offer rebates on software as well.


Nero Recode can also be gotten for free in the OEM Nero Suite that comes with many DVD-RW Burner purchases. Check to see if it comes with the next burner you might buy.

Recode is virtually DVDShrink and will give you the same great video quality on those higher compression jobs. :wink:


The problem that James has pointed out to us is that the protections are now structural in nature, as you said. But, the issue is that AnyDVD only deals with the IFOs when removing protections…hence why you can put a disc in and AnyDVD works its magic so quickly. In order to deal with the structural protections, they would have to scan the vobs. James has said this could take just as long as ripping it to the hard drive. Not such an “on the fly” solution at that point. I have given James a suggestion that I’m hoping he implements soon as a temporary fix for the DVD Shrink problem. My recommendation, for now(he has a better solution that’ll take more time to implement), was to remove the old FixVTS code from the AnyDVD ripper and change it so that AnyDVD recognizes FixVTS.exe. Once the rip to the hard drive is done, AnyDVD will then kick off a FixVTS process using the FixVTS.exe. This is not ideal, I’d agree, but, for those that don’t really want to know the technical details of figuring out how to rip and use FixVTS, this will be a blessing. Whenever FixVTS.exe is updated, you can then drop that into the AnyDVD directory and it will use it. The more permanent solution is something that James will need time to work on. It involves replacing the AnyDVD ripper code with a CloneDVD library…iow, the same as using CloneDVD to rip with only built in to AnyDVD. :slight_smile: For now the FixVTS kludge will suffice I think. In fact, I wrote and posted a script that will do this for you on the Slysoft forum. If there’s interest in it, I can post it here, as well. All it does is using the command line to pass the dvd drive letter and a path on your hard drive it then copies the DVD to the hard drive and automagically calls FixVTS on it. Nothing too complicated but it’s fairly automated.

I agree. CloneDVD’s ability to keep and remove title sets while retaining the full menu is a God send. I use it on every back up. It also helps with subtitles, as well. (Still waiting for that fix from Elby. :D) And uh, MIT is closer, but, I think I’m a bit old to go back to college unfortunately. I admit, it would have been fun to go there! :smiley:


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