I need a program that returns certain numbered files!

Hi guys, I am working at a photographic studio, and when a customer has chosen what images they want prints, I have to go into the folder of raw files, and have to spend ages picking each file and copying and pasting to a new folder. This means me clicking each individual file and copying/pasting to the new order folder, which really takes far too long. Surely there’s some way of incorporating either some specific search tool, or excel, or SOMETHING that can speed this process up.

What I want to be able to do;

Be able to copy and past the file names that the customer has sent to me in the form of a word document so basicly a list of file names,

drop them into the program, and then have it look for those files in the RAW folder, and copy them so that I just have to click ‘paste’ in the folder I chose after.

Can anyone advise me of a program that can do this? Or else link me to someone who could design something as simple as this :sad: :slight_smile:

you can setup a ‘send to’ context menu.

so you right click the pic and click ‘send to customer folder’

this will not actually send the pic but create a copy in the customer folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\gregtherotterius\SendTo

Add a shortcut to the folder of your choice.

if this is not faster for you then try searching google. there must be a batch file setup which can do what you want. ??

edit// also check out snapfiles or download.com or other such sites for freeware clipboard programs.