I need a new system recommendation

Not much $$$? AMD’s dual core processors ranges from $537-1001. Far from cheap.
Intel’s dual core ranges from $241-530, which is more reasonable.

As long as AMD is overcharging for Dual core, I won’t recommend it unless you have the money.

If you have the money to go dual core, get AMD.
If you want dual core benefits and don’t want/have the cash to throw away, go Intel.
If you want single core, go AMD.

Honestly, A 32 bit CPU is a waste of money too, and the 64 bit intel dual core chips are EXTREMELY difficult to cool. They are overly hot power hogs, and I don’t think they’ll last long with all of the electron leakage they suffer

Prescotts are NOT difficult to cool. Get a better heatsink/cooler. Problem solved.
Anyone who can’t solve such an easy problem shouldn’t be building a computer in 1st place.

You seem to be the only one I know complaining about powerhogs.
An AMD system is NOT going to save you anymore $$$ on your electricity bill compared to Intel.

And last time I checked, Intel spanked AMD in video encoding.
They may lose in gaming/every other benchmark, but that dosen’t matter to the topic starter in this case.

There’s no Athlon 64 on Socket 754, only Semprons which are 32bit.

Well, prescotts are a PITA to cool with the stock heatsink, and without a ridiculous monstrosity, they will overheat!! The minimum I’d recommend with the dual core P4 is a Zalman 7700, or XP 90. That’s an extra $50 on the price of the chip right there! The power consumption isn’t a matter of the electric bill being high. It’s about the system needing more current on the 12v rail, and extra cooling, nothing more. It remains to be seen about how this will affect the lifespan of theese chips, but I have my suspicions. The dual cores are going to be worse. If you look at the performance:$$$ ratio, the dual core AMDs are going to smoke the P4s. The highest clock speed you can get is 3.2 ghz :Z from intel that has dual cores. The 2.8 is worth while, but it’s not going to be anything like a 4400+ with 1MB cache!!! While the higher end intel chips do a little better than the AMDs at video encoding, the difference is marginal at best. In your own link, the dual core AMD beats the P4 dual core!!! The difference is so small, its not worth quibbling over. I’d hardly call that a spanking. I changed my mind about getting the bottom end AMD chip, I’d go for the 4400+ with 1mb cache. That extra cache is worth it. The price is kinda high for the AMDs right now, but it will fall a little.

If you did go Intel, you should go DDR 2, and the new 955xe chipset. I dunno if you can even go dual core with DDR, I’d have to look into that. That’s going to add some $$$ right there. I’d get the 2.8ghz P4, the others are over priced. It’s still not going to perform as good as the AMD dual core, even for video encoding, but it will hold it’s own. You should have quite a bit of headroom for overclocking, but on air cooling that might not be easy with a dual core prescott. Also, good old intel decided to make it so the PCI express bus isn’t exactly lockable, so things could get ugly there. Mobo manufacturers have that problem sorta fixed, but it’s still not locked. You’ll have a cap on your OC because of this, and I’m not thinking this guy is going to want to OC at all. By the time you factor in DDR 2, the increased PSU requirements, and extra cooling for worse performance, I think AMD shines.
:Z :Z :Z

Now let’s go AMD dual core. Say the 4400+ for $580, and DDR. You’ll have saved about 30% on ram, because DDR is dirt cheap. You can get a gig of decent stuff for $100, for ddr2 you’re looking at $150 minimum. Now, I’m pretty sure you’re FORCED into the 955 chipset with an intel dual core, because good old intel decided to hose it’s customers yet again with no support for it on earlier chipsets! The cheapest 955 chipset mobos are 200+, close to $300!!! The Nforce4 mobos can be had for about $150 if you don’t want SLI, in fact the DFI is $140! If that doesn’t quite make the price equal, let’s look at the power issue, the AMD chips aren’t that mcuh better, but I’d still say you’re looking @ 20w extra for intel, which may or may not be the determining factor of which PSU you get! At a minimum, you’re looking @ $200 extra for the stuff needed to run the intel chip. That puts the difference of owning an AMD dual core puter, MAYBE $100 more. That is well worth it IMHO, and the only reason I’m saying to go that route.

AMD or intel dual core isn’t going to matter much either way. Especially for this, but I’m not going to argue my point any more. I think I’ve proven that the intel dual core solution isn’t really any cheaper, it certainly isn’t better, and it’s not a big enough difference to quibble about!!! :iagree:

I don’t mean to sound annoying, but didn’t this guy ask for a budget PC?

Yes, but budget isn’t going to be that much faster. I have an alternate suggestion, which may work out really good for you! For a case, I’d shop locally, shipping is NUTZ on them. I’d also suggest that you look for a case with a PSU of at least 400w. If you can find one with dual 12v rails, that’s even better. 120mm fans are the way to go for noise:cooling. If you can find one, the antec sonata case is VERY nice, should be at best buy for $100. It only has a 380w psu though, so it might not last long. It’s an antec so it’s good quality. The super lan boy is nice too, and there are some others. You might want to get a cheap case, and order a PSU for it. Good PSUs are Fortron, OCZ, Enermax, Antec, Tagan, Zippy, Emac, PC power and cooling, Zalman, and a few others. Avoid Powmax, and some of the cheaper ones. Fortrons are decent, and they make OCZ PSUs. You can get a 400w with dual 12v rails pretty cheap.

Now you can get a socket 939 winchester retail with heatsink and fan for less than $150. Then a DFI mobo for $140, and a gig of DDR for $100, another $100-$150 for a case and PSU, and you’ve got a helluva system! I know it’s more than your $300 budget, but anything less is a waste of money!!! You can probably get a little bit cheaper mobo, but I wouldn’t. I’d go nvidia chipset, but that’s up to you, VIA isn’t bad. So that’s a budget system, and a year from now when the dual core AMDs are dirt cheap, you can stuff it with one of those!!! For $550 or so, I’d say you’re not going to get any better than that!!! :iagree: :bow: :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody thanks for al the replies, I’m watching and listening! Some of the jargon is a little over my head but I’m going to investigate. I seen a Asus KN8 I think with the Nvidia3 chipset that does the 64 bit and Sempron for $85 and a refurbished one for $46. I’ll probaly go with the $46 KN8 because it has already been given a good going over. I’ll probably go with the Sempron 3000+ for now and if need be upgrade later. Whatcha think? A gig of ram,the MOBO has onboard sound but I’m going to need a video card for it any suggestions for a low end card for my needs now?


I’m afraid that’s just completely false. paddygman was quite correct.

Actually Athlon 64 uses Socket 939 and Socket 754, Sempron uses Socket 754 and Socket A. Besides at the end of the day you can always purchase a new motherboard, they’re often one of the cheapest components in a system so I don’t see why using a Sempron in this case would prevent him from upgrading at some point in the future.

@Mr. Horse and everybody that was why I thought of the Asus K8n MOBO. Here is a link to them at newegg

Sempron now and if need be Athlon 64 later.

Honestly, I’d go 939. There’s no future to socket 754, they’re pretty much done!!! They aren’t going to release dual core 754 chips, and if you never intend on upgrading that system, fine. But if you got an Nforce 4 mobo, you’d be set, if you have to have asus, brand new they go for $120. You can get a geforce 6200 turbo cache or the ATI Hyper memory cards really cheap. That would play games and give OK performance with no details. It’s a lot better than an AGP card, and if you go that route, your stuck with AGP. If you go AGP, I’d get either a 6600 regular with DDR 3 or go super cheap with a radeon 9200 or something like that. It’s $150+ for the 6600, which will play games, or $50 for the radeon 9200, which is just a cheapo card. That is a helluva deal for the sempron/k8n, but refurbished means somebody returned it for some reason!!! I’d never consider that after some of the horror stories I’ve heard about that junk! So for an extremely cheap system, that’s decent. It will be a little faster at DVD ripping, and it should serve you well. One thing, don’t load the nvidia IDE drivers for one IDE channel, and put your DVD burner and ripper there. Load the IDE drivers for the other, and use it for hard drives. The nvidia IDE drives screw with optical drives. :frowning: A gig of ram is perfect, any more and you’re wasting money. :iagree:

I’ve got no personal experience with that board so obviously I can’t tell you what I think of it personally but it fairs well in most reviews and I’d imagine it’ll suit you needs perfectly. And of course make sure that if you choose a Socket 754 CPU if you do decide to a buy Socket 754 motherboard, although you don’t need me to tell you that.

If you want to read more reviews before making your mind up, some good sites are: www.anandtech.com, www.tomshardware.com and www.extremetech.com.

There’s little results that show PCI-E to be any superior to AGP at present, but I do agree with Deer Slayer in that a Radeon 9200 would be fine, if you want to play games then a 9600 will do except for the most demanding titles.

Man you guys are great!!!
Deer Slayer I used to think the same about refurbished things but found out even if it isn’t broke but returned it can not be sold as new if it was opened. They also still come with the full manufacturers warranty. I had great successs with a HP LaserJet 4m Plus and their PSC2210 all in one.

Mr. Horse - you and the rest can tell me anything - I’m all ears (and eyes) Gotcha on the 9200 except for gaming, which I don’t plan on doing any of on the PC.

So only little faster from the P3 733MHZ 448MB of ram going to a say Sempron 1.8-2GHZ 1G ram. It’s not the burning times my LiteON 1633S does a nice job at 8x with the stock BSOS omnipatched. It is the processing time on some movies that gets to me but then some of em go from over 6GB down to 4.3GB with shrink. I don’t use no AEC or deep analysis or anything like that just the basic setting. Is it worth it to upgrade? On my machine it took 'bout 1hr 6minutes to shrink from the little over 6gb to 4.3 for a 2hr and 13 minute movie.

That’s true, but the turbo cache and hyper memory thing are a good use of the PCI express architecture. They allow the video card to use system ram for textures, and because of the increased bandwidth of PCI express it actually makes for OK performance. The 9200 and 9600 are outdated, the X700, 6600, and 6200 are the way to go. I’d just go for the PCI express because you never know what’s going to come out for it. I know you don’t want to use the system for gaming, but those cards are a LOT better than the 9200 or 9600. I’m not saying go Nforce 4 for PCI express, that’s just a side benifit. The thing with the Nforce 4 is you actually have a lot of options in the future. With the 754 and nforce 3, you have almost nothing. The cost isn’t that much more, and it will SMOKE that sempron system. I just don’t see the point in building a machine like that, unless you really don’t plan on doing anything to it. See if you can find an nforce 4 refurb, and any 939 chip cheap. You can probably dig up a better deal, and you’ll actually be able to upgrade later. :iagree:

The thing is if he goes the 754/Sempron route right now he’ll save several hundred dollars and then if and when he needs to upgrade (which could be years from now anyhow) it’ll only cost him an extra 50 bucks or so to get a new motherboard, and by that time prices for an Athlon 64 will have dropped. I don’t think that buying a Socket 939 motherboard and Athlon 64 CPU right now is necessarily going to save any money in the long run. How often is he going to need to upgrade for what he’s doing with the machine anyway? If you’re a gamer then it comes with the territory than new games will be released that will test your system but DVD Shrink is still gonna work fine on a budget setup in a few years time as it will right now.

Mr. Horse and Deer Slayer - you both have great points!! The reason I am still at the P3 733 448MB of ram was that it was suiting my needs except now for the backing up me DVD’s. If the 754/sempron 1GB RAM speeds things up nicely I would be happier than a pig in sh*t. I was just wondering what to upgrade and to what level. Would more ram in my present system help or is it the processor holding me back or more than likely it’s both.

Thanks Again Guys!!!

from this post, I must question how much DVD editing you plan to do, also, whats your top buget, because 200-300 bux won’t get very far, it might buy the CPU alone.

@xtacydima - mostly ripping/shrinking backing up my DVD’s. I gave up on the editing cause I was only going to tinker anyway. I’m looking for something a little speedier than my P3 733Mhz 448MB of ram system.


as was said before, there’s A64 for socket 754 (i have both a 754 and 939 system).

here’s my recommendation (a little more $$ than you initially specified but see my notes at the end).

CPU: http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103501

Motherboard: this http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813131530 (no onboard firewire)
or this http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813131523
or this http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813130491

Video Card: http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814122203 (or any other PCI-E nVidia 6600 card - cheaper if you only go 128MB of VRAM).

RAM: http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820145450 (or go cheaper i.e. CAS3).

Case: http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811112211

Power Supply: http://www2.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817104155

~750+shipping. will last you at least 2 years and has a good upgrade path (i.e. Socket 939, PCI-E, GOOD RAM, GREAT power supply that will last at least 2 more upgrades, case that will last a while). it’s got good horsepower for right now and has potential for much more down the road. just my $0.02… :bigsmile:

What I meant to say was there isn’t any new Athlon 64 for Socket 754.
Funny how missing one word can change everything.

People actually by Athlon 64 for Socket 754?
What’s the logic in that? I mean really.

Athlon 64 3700+ was the last Athlon 64 for Socket 754. There won’t be dual cores on it.
AMD hasn’t launched any new Athlon 64 on Socket 754 since the 3700+ last November, and there won’t be anymore released on that socket.
Once again, Socket 754 is not much of an upgrade path and is pretty much extinct.

yes, people actually buy 754 A64s since it might be what’s in their budget…“i mean really” :rolleyes: i built my 754 rig in '03 then built a 939 rig in '04.

there will still be semprons and “mobile” A64 Turions for socket 754 though (and many enthusiasts like to use mobile chips with a desktop mobo due to the lower wattage and heat…