I need a new quality burner

My Plextor PX-716SA is on the fritz, after only about a year which is disappointing to say the least. It cost $126 when I got it, the high price, SATA and 8mb of cache attracted me to it. Also I had heard a lot of good things about plextor.

Anyway, it is on it’s way out (cd tray is shaky when ejecting, wont read some discs, etc…) and I need something good.

Now I have done a small bit of reading here and I know I dont want something with riplock. I am ok with changing the firmware, so long as I am not the one who actually has to modify the firmware (there has to be one already made I can download). Also I keep hearing about bitsetting. I don’t know what that is, can somebody explain it to me? Basiclly if it is something good, I want it, if not I dont want it.

My requirements for the drive are:

  1. I would like SATA if possible but IDE is also fine.

  2. It needs to have very good quality ripping and reading, I rip a lot of CDs into lossless.

  3. Speed is nice, but not at the expense of anything else on the list.

  4. Quiet is also nice, but again not at the expense of anything else.

  5. I see some people mention things about how one drive is able to rip a specific type of rip/copy protection and another not. I am not sure how the drive would have anything to do with being able to rip a copy protected disc, but I want one that will be able to rip the most types of copy protection

  6. Lightscribe would be nice but not at the expense of anything else.

  7. It has to be black.

  8. Oh yeah it needs to support all the current standards, dual layer dvd burning, cdr, cdrw, all the types of writeable dvds, etc…

So what burner do you guys suggest I get?

I would still suggest a BenQ DW1640 if you can find one :bigsmile:

What makes it so good?

Well I ordered one. It was cheap enough, but I could only find a white one and it is OEM. And there is still the chance I will get the email saying that it was out of stock and I cant get it.

If I do get it, I hope it’s good.

If it turns out I dont get it, what are some other suggestions and why?

Also will I need different firmware for the 1640 if I get it? If so, where do I get it and how to I apply it?

Congrats on getting one!

After doing a bunch of reading here, it seems that BSLB is the preferred firmware for reasons including faster rip speeds.

Hope you enjoy the drive. :slight_smile:

Thanks. But I would like to know why it is so good, please :slight_smile:

I hope I enjoy it too, and I hope I dont get an email saying they were out of stock :frowning:

Where do I get the BSLB firmware and how do I apply it?

Your drive may come with that firmware. If not, you can get it from BenQ or a variety of other sites, and maybe even some folks here at CDFreaks should you have trouble. I would not worry about it until after you get the drive and see how it performs for you. Applying it should be easy - it’s just an executable that you can run within Windows that will update the drive for you.

The 1620 and 1640 are two of the most highly regarded BenQ drives due to their ability to produce high quality burns. The technologies implemented help reduce vibration, jitter, effects from power variations and are able to adjust well to different types of media. They also support after-burn quality scans in hardware using an app like CD-DVD Speed, and they both support Bit Setting as well, so you can mark your DVD+R disks as DVD-ROM for improved compatibility.

How’s that? :slight_smile:

Oh, so thats what bitsetting is. Now how about the 1650? I see a lot of talk about that one as well.

Did you order the 1640 or the 1650?

The 1650 apparently suffers from a lack of firmware development due to the purchase of the BenQ optical segment by Lite-On and the accompanying readjustment of resources.

I think I’d want to get a 1640 before I went for a 1650 if I had a choice.

I ORDERED the 1640, but well see if it is actually in stock. I hope it was. It was a pretty off site and and I only found it by chance, so they might still have a few.

Now that I have placed my order I can post a link to the place I got it from:

Well, just hang in there and hope for the best. If you get the 1640 then give it a try and see how well it does and post back if you have any more concerns.

For both my BenQ drives, I have the best luck with Verbatim disks for the DVD side (I prefer 16x DVD-R) but CD’s I seem to have better luck with TDK and lately Sony, though Sony burns at lower speeds than the rated 48x. But the burn quality of those disks rates high, so I’m not too concerned.

Again, good luck and enjoy your new purchase.

Yeah, one last thing I forgot to ask, does the 1640 have riplock? If it does can you remove it?

want to be a freak have to have 1640 :slight_smile:

I believe the BSLB does not have the type of ripping slowdowns that later firmwares have.

I believe there are modified firmwares out for the drive should you find performance lacking in terms of rips. Perhaps a search here on CD Freaks will help you get a better idea once you get the drive.

Sweet! I guess they had some in stock, it shipped today and I got the tracking number! I guess if anybody wants one, better order quickly!