I need a new DVD RW SATA burner

Hey guys which SATA dvd Burner do you guys recommend? i just finished building a new pc but stupidly noticed that the mobo only has one IDE slot so i used it for my hard drives.

You didn’t use SATA hard drives?

i didnt want to get rid of my hard drives.

never mind just bought a sata hard drive

You could use a PCI/IDE card if you have a slot available.

i need a new hard drive anyways lol and i love my pioneer IDE dvd burner

SATA hdd’s run faster on my machine :wink: But it is an alternative. I use a PCI/IDE card on my machine. It’s the only way i can run 4 DVD drives + 2 SATA DVD drives + 2 IDE hdd’s drives + 1 SATA hdd drive at the same time for now. My mobo has only 1 IDE channel. I still have 3 or 4 SATA slot open.

Enjoy your new SATA hdd :slight_smile:

whoa why the need of all those dvd drives?

I have had several Pioneer DVD Burners and all of them SUCKED! I took them back to BestBuy till they ran out of them. They would last about 3 months and then they would have problems.

Mainly what I could figure out was that they would loss the motor or the belt or whatever drives them would die. They would start making Frisbees once in awhile at first. Then they would start to make them more often. Got to the point that they would fail right off the bat. Got the last one in front of me. Model DVR-A09XLB1 16x16 DVD IDE Burner. Horrible burner.

Got my first Plextor PX-716A and it has our burned and outlasted all the Pioneers I ever had combined. I loved it so much I got a second DVD Plextor PX-760A which is a 18x Burner (not that I have found disc that will go x18 yet and will burn DL DVD’s at x10 (not that you can find those either LOL!)

Bottom line is I have find no DVD Burner better than Plextor. I have had lite-on and many others. My PX716 has burner over 2500 DVD’s easily and I’m burning one right now. Plextor’s are also not more money either.

I’m a DVD Freak :slight_smile: I have another machine with 3 more DVD drives in it and 1 more in my laptop. It’s my addiction to buy and try new drives and media. It’s a hobby.

Left click under my sig and drag your mouse from left to right to see my drives :wink:

A lot of people like Plextors. To each their own :slight_smile:

well so far the pioneer has worked great. if it dies ,it dies nothing i can do…

Yo Oniz-

That is the right attitude - anyway - by the time it dies the technology will have advanced and there will be another “star” to install in its place-eh! :iagree: :iagree:

Have look in to Samsung SATA drive?. May be it is not top notch drive but has fair and good performance.