I need a new cd-rw (help)

need a new cd-rw, looking @ the plextor 40X, light-on 40x, and asus 40x. All seem to be great, I need to be able to bust SD2, and have high quality for my music and divx, plextor has always been my favorite, and they are the best for quality and reliability. but SD2 is also a concern, and I’v been told that plextor is having a little trouble in this. so I looked @ the other 2 which are able to write regular bit patterns correctly. just need a little advice on this please.

go for the lite-on…it can do the latest safedisk
i had no problems with audio also. I have the 32 speed burner, lowest writing speed for that one is 8.
I wish i could write at 4…but he…the quality of 8 speed is still ok

will I decided to go with the lite-on 48X12X48, hope this does the trick for me, thanks for the advice, quick question about it though, 48X is really fast, my plextor 12X will write a full cd in about 6-7 min. will this actually write the same cd in 2-3min, or is 48X just a gimick to draw people in?

it can do it that fast with the right media

never seen media that is rated for 48X, highest I,v seen is 32X. I have been using HI-VAL 16X for a while now(Got a good deal on em 1000 for $90) I used cdrid and found that they a manufactured by Prodisk technology, Dye is Phthalocyanine. it also said that recording speed is unknown,will I be able to write past 16X with this?

lite-on has a tool on their site which tells you at what speed the cd’can be written at

it will tell you if your 16 speed media can be written at 24 speed.

If you need to know more I suggest you pay the Lite-ON forum a visit, I would say this is the place to be at if you’re getting a Lite-ON.

(said in true biased fashion by a confirmed Plextor to Lite-ON convert :wink: )