I need a link 4 a driver

i have made a huge mistake, i unistalled my driver its a LITE-ON DVD SOHD-167T, can sum1 plz provide alink so i can download the software, PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP! :sad: :sad:

Exactly how did you uninstall it, and what version of windows are you running.

Will it not be a generic windows driver ?, Restart PC.

dont ask, i was clearing away sum unused files and it cleard away the driver, i have windows XP

When you restart the PC will it not try to install the DVD-ROM? If it does let it do the internet search. Might work.

No it dosent install the DVD ROm, wen i restarted my PC this morning the files were there but they had a yellow exclomasion mark by them, it says there is a corrupted file within, what can i do?

Did you not get a cd with the drivers on it, or can you do a system restore, or update/rollback driver in drive properties

Did you remove the device from Device Manager or delete the actual file?

it sounds like he deleted the file…and not deleted it from the device manager…see what happens when you mess with your files and have no idea what they are…

Try to find the file on your Windows CD and copy it accross. Alternatively, google the file name and see what comes up for download.

this is what is says “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”, i realy appreciate tha help, what can i do???

what do i do???

Could you use your Windows CD to repair the installation?

Stop messing around if you don’t know what you’re doing!!

Try using your Windows CD to repair the installation.

If nothing else, got to control panel, device manager, and remove the device from your system, then reboot. Windows will come up and search for the correct drivers for the device. (Hopefully). :slight_smile:

Fuck U asshole, go suck ur mom, BITCH, iv tried everything said, it aint working i need help, no to be bitched at!!!

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41) is what its saying now, thanks people 4 ur help, we are nearlly there, i really appreciate it!

Try one more thing. This time in control panel/device manager, remove the device, then remove the ide’s (both primary and secondary, and reboot again. This time it will redect the device and it’s connections. If that does not fix it, Try connecting the device to the other ide cable, and see if it’s detected. Could be a bad cable or connection.

lets stay calm about this… good job on posting it btw, I do nto respond to PM’s regarding problems that can be better time spent posted andhelp a community of people rather than indiviually.

Go into the device manager, delete all optical and hdd, then also delete all ide channels, then restart. Hit F8 and go into saf emode, repeat the process, delete all the same stuff, then restart the PC again, go into BIOS and make sure everyhting is detected and set to DMA mode, then restart one last time normally and let windows detect everyhting from scratch, if this doesnt help, you will need to do a system repair.

My best offhand advice while on lunch break at work!!!

Nice attitude. :clap:
Appearently you can’t handle a sarcastic joke.

I also gave you some advise on how it maybe could be solved, but apparently you don’t need it.

But to be true if you knew what you’re doing than you wouldn’t have unistalled your driver. :rolleyes: