I need a High Quality TV Out?



[B]Hi all,

I am going to buy ASUS S-Pressobarebone system for home theater.
What I need more is a TV Out card, a HIGH quality Tv out card, so I can watch my movie on TV and browsing internet on it.

The important thing is I need it for AGP Slot or USB, Not for PCI!!!

Thank you very much
Doctor Aziz[/B]


I use the ATI AIW pro 9000. Good output and good capture. ATI can be b*tch to set-up but when done correctly results are good.


[B]Thank you tigerman8u,
About ATI AIW 9000, I don’t need capture ( because I have MSI TV @ny Where card )
The important thing is the output video, Can you browser the internet on TV with it?
What about the Resolution?

About the capture, what is the highest resolution?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]


[B]Hi all,
What do you think about this card :
ASUS R9200SE/T/128M Radeon 9200SE 128MB 64-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card - Retail

Does it have a good TV Out resolution?
Do you have more beter card with good price ( aroung 50$ )

Thank you
Doctor Aziz



Personally I would stay away from the ATI line of AIW cards, their support for this particular line is poor at best, they don’t spend the time on them they need too, and their WDM drivers are a source of constant problems, everything from from stopping capture of any source to just plain not working, or video/audio sync, long pauses between channel chnages, they also introduce a Macrovision guard module, if it’s detected it will present problems. I got so tired of the WDM problems and not having the ability to record from my very own VHS tapes, that I removed every single one of them from my systems, I won’t use the AIW cards again, they just aren’t supported properly. As far as AGP and or USB only, you limit yourself considerbly, but their are items that will fit the bill, just not at $50.00
you do have a couple of choices:

In one of my systems I use the personal cinema 5700 256, I’ve not had many problems with it, but I find it better supported.


[B]Hi kamikazee,
Thank you very much!!

I want to say the important thing, the only thing witch I want is the TV Out with good resolution.

About Kworld TV1531R TV Tuner Box, REMOTE - Retail

Can I use it as a TV Out ( in order to watch my computer on TV )
Is there another methods to do it?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz


From what I see the “Kworld” is a tv tuner only to watch tv on your computer.
If tv out is all you want I would definitely go with the Radeon 9200se you stated above. The Radeon actually uses the ATI chipset and drivers. If you go to the ATI website they have the Radeon listed and to upgrade AIW drivers you click on the Radeon family of video cards. I have also used the Nvidia tv out cards which IMO are as good as the ATI tv out cards. The Eforce is the off name which uses Nvidia chipset and drivers but like the Radeon is less expensive with IMO the same quality.


[B]Hi tigerman8u, Thank you very much
Do mean now I should take Radeon 9200SE?
The question is can I browser internet on TV with this card?

Thank you
Doctor Aziz[/B]


Just get an nvidia TI4200 with VIVO. Cheap card and does a great job.


Thank you harley2ride, Can I use it in order to broswer internet with its TV Out?
Thank you
Doctor Aziz


I just found ATI 9200SE with GREAT price, does it have a good TV Out?
Thank you