I need a hacker bad

Discovered that my 3 yr old VAIO will only identify my external burner (ie; 3 yr old USB PlugnPlay firmwareless LG-DVDRAM GSA-5160D SUPER writer) in My Computer window’s “name” column as DVD-RAM Drive (H:) only after re-botting while the burner is online and powered up.

Some combination(s) of either XPH, the laptop, program preferences, program hogware-ed-ness, or most likely ‘simple’ registry issues are preventing the burner from being consistantly/properly named as mentioned in the My Computer drive name column.

As trival as this next part is (likely a normal thing), but regardless of how the burner is introduced to the laptop, whenever there is no disk in the burner, the drive’s properties seem to oddly illustrates the drive disk as totally blue (as if the drive was 100% used), but tossed this in here so’s to maybe if that too isn’t detecting the drive properly, it might point to base issues with the laptop, XPH or SP2.

Note also that if the burner is disconnected (even using “safely remove hardware”), thereafter when the burner’s powered off, re-introduced to the laptop, burner then powered back on, the drive name’s only then always identified as “CD Drive”.

And regardless of whichever of the two names that happens to be listed in the “name” column, the “type” column however always lists as “CD Drive”.

Also for some reason (I’d really like to know why), in the dialog box where the drive should be named (eg; ‘DVD-RAM’ or ‘HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-5160D USB Device’), it’s blank and while I can click inside the box and then a ‘text focus line’ then begins blinking, the box refuses to accept my typing in anything.

And thinking that maybe a new burner might require it manually being added to the system when I looked at the media list in computer mgmt > Storage > Media, but not only wasn’t the burner listed, but nothing was listed (even when I popped in a DVD and played it).

Digging a little deeper, I clicked that utility’s disk mgmt, right clicked the burner (CD-ROM 0 DVD(H:)), and noticed that the “Volumes” tab lists the status as “No Media” despite the DVD was playing.

Then on a whim, I tick the box for “Enable digital CD Audio for this CD-ROM device”, then when I clicked disk management’s

Computer Management window’s file exit, prompted to restart the computer, did so and still the burner remains virtually unchanged as to how its detected, plus it still refuses to autoplay with the preferred handler (WinDVD5).

As for WinDVD5 itself, I’ve ticked its own autoplay tick box, even changing the plsyer source back and forth between “Default” and my burner’s drive ‘letter’, but never will simply popping in a DVD will it autoplay until I open WInDVD5 manually (no doubt registry issue caused).

Obviously that’s indicating the user needs to manually name the drive, but why isn’t the laptop detecting the drive’s details that I’m positive it generates?

Of lesser annoyance, but still noteworthy, are two programs that fail at detecting my burner(MSWMM and DVD FLick).

No doubt as these two progs are likely the least sophisticated/forgiving, if not caused by the bunky registry alone, then maybe there’s a chance that hacking those two prog’s handlers into the registry’s autoplay and/or some other place too would get them squared away.

With respect to those two comparitivel pale issues, I’ve tried the usual adjustments and/or fixes recommended by their makers w/o joy, so it’s most likely those two programs are simply so buggy and/or inflexible that they simply are incapable of ever working with my burner (which incidentally the burner’s newer than either of those progs).

And no, never used or installed Nero or RealMedia. Nor do I have any CD Burning software installed (except for XP’s explorer default write caching), but I did once have Click to DVD and Dragn Drop installed.

So, in that I see no known software conflict/bugs preventing MSWMM & DVDFLick from detecting my burner, ie; none of my other media software has detection issues, ref. no such issues w/the burner’s complimentary Interlead “WindDVd5” player, WMP10, WMPC, DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink, ImgBurn or ConvertXtoDVD.

As everything seems pointing to registry issues undoubtedly courtesy of hogware, attrocious uninstallers, mostly (I hope) the ripped out (professionally physically uninstalled) laptop burner, then that leaves only the autoplay and new burner’s registry entries.

As such, it looks like I’m left to hacking the registry. But as the laptop runs XHP/SP2 and I’m barely capable of doing hacking the registry, obviously even though I’ve acculated/read most everything both available and that I’m capable of understanding/managing, at this point I’m left to asking for something that RegistryBooster (or any software) should be already doing, but doesn’t, and that’s to try manually straightening out the registry.

I’ve searched the registry, made note of every entry for the burner(s) and anything autoplay related, but I need a little help with some of the value names and hexidecimal numbering before hacking away.

There are some 30 or so keys and something like 60 or so value names I need to deal with, but I need a pro to answer things like how to deal with the old burner’s entries (if it’s there I should be adding the new burner or simply deleting the hexidecimal or even the entire value name), plus what to do about autplay value hexidecimals, plus there’one or teo value names I think need removed or their hexi’ values changed.

But because there are so many keys and values involved just in cleaning out and hacking the registry jsut for burner recognition and autplay entries, it’s highly problematic, not to mention exceedingly labor and time intensive to try to do this via text.

So what I’m most in need of, is an experienced registry pro who’ll be willing to sit down with me for maybe an hour while going thru the registry.

Ideally what is the simplist way to do this is remote desktop viewing, but as risky for both, that leaves Yahoo Messenger webcam or my phoning you.

I think it might be easier and safer to just drop your pc off with the Geek Squad, or some other local provider.

For remote desktop operations, I’d advise you to try Team Viewer app, free for non-pro use. All you need now is the registry expert. BTW, why not reinstall windows?

hamachi + vnc very nice for remote configurations