I need a Guru..complicated issue. WIN/OSX .ISO

Firstly, this is going to require someome that really knows their stuff, and I’m excited to see who arrives at the solution and how. I’ve tried seemingly everything to no avail.

Okay, so I’ve got a piece of software that boots into both Windows and OS X that I have a .iso image of. After upgrading my system to XP64 my keyboard (instrument) no longer has drivers so I need to run this music recording software on my Mac. This is where the backup comes in, and theoretically saves the day as my actual CD got damaged in a move.


The burning size of the image is 774mb, and doesn’t fit on a regular CD. Burning it to a DVD via the iso results in a blank disk when viewed from either platform.

The CD boots into either platform but neither platform can see the others data when the CD is loaded.

The .iso image isn’t mountable by OSX. I used terminal to convert it to a .dmg which also resulted in errors.

WinISO Sees the OS X data but proclaims it doesn’t operate on such data.
UltraISO doesn’t see it (the apple side) at all.
ISOMagic doesn’t see it (the apple side) at all.
ISOBuster - Sees all of the “tracks” and will show all of the data contained within but has no method for removing data from the ISO. By removing I mean deleting not extracting. Extracting doesn’t work, I’ve tried this method and while it works as it should it doesn’t work when taken to the crapple.

I have tried so many ways to trick the apple or the programs to burn a working copy of this CD that the Mac can read and can’t for the life of me get it to work. The only thing that may be holding me back largely is that I don’t have toast or anything on the mac…perhaps one of those programs would be able to manipulate this image to be usable.

What I would like to do is actually remove some of the data from the PC side of the disk, namely the .exe installer to free up enough room to fit it on a regular CD and in doing so allow the Mac to read it. With each of the programs I’ve tried, when I remove the .exe and save the .iso it saves it based on the PC data only and loses all of the mac data.

Has anyone a solution to this problem? If not perphaps the makers - propellerheads will supply me with a replacement CD, I just don’t want to wait if I don’t have to.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I don’t know if this will work, but if you have CD-RW, it won’t hurt:

  1. Extract the information you want to burn on the CD in a folder. Extract the OS X boot image (I would suppose with IsoBuster there are two boot images, because I think Windows and OS X bootable images are different). It would most likely be a file with .img extention, although that is the standart for PC bootable CD - it may differe for OS X.
  2. Using you burn program, if you can, start creating a bootable CD, with the data you extracted as data, and with the boot image where needed. I do not know if the settings for a bootable CD for OS X are special, though.
  3. Burn the CD that way and try to boot in OS X.

I would guess that a bootable CD ISO image will not create a fully functional bootable DVD, or readable DVD even, because data is written and read in different ways on CD and DVD.

Good luck:

try and overburn the ISO or find a 90-99min CD to burn it to…

not sure exactly what the dealio is, but perhaps you can burn a hybrid cd
Found the info in Nero BurningROM help file under HYBRID

Hybrid CD

Hybrid CDs contain the well known ISO 9660 and additionally the Apple Macintosh HFS file system. Such CDs will be both readable by Macs and PCs. Nero creates so called „non shared" Hybrid CDs. That means, files to be read by Macs and PCs must exist twice (one ISO and one HFS copy of the file) on the CD.
To create Hybrid-CDs using Nero you need to connect your PC with a SCSI hard disk containing the HFS partition to be written on the Hybrid CD. Such HFS partitions can only be created and edited using an Apple Macintosh computer.

  1. Choose the menu command „File"->„New…" and select the icon „CD-ROM (Hybrid)". On the right hand you see the „Hybrid" property page containing a list box. This list box shows all detected HFS partitions. If it’s empty, it means that no HFS partitions have been detected.

  2. Now select the HFS partition you wish to burn. Click on „New" and drag all the ISO files to be burned into the hybrid compilation window.

  3. Now open the Write dialog. The easiest way to do this is to click on the Write CD icon in the toolbar. You will then go to the Write CD dialog box, which will undoubtedly look familiar to you: it is the same box which you saw for the creation of a new compilation, only now the Burn property sheet is shown on the top.

You will see several boxes, of which some have already been selected. All of the preferences may now be examined and changed if necessary.

  1. Now you may confirm by clicking on the Write button. All of the selected steps will now be carried out in sequence including the burn process. So that you can follow exactly what is happening, a status window is displayed in which the individual steps are listed.

As a last step, you will see a message like “burn process was successful with 12x(1800 KB/s)”.

  1. Finally, the CD will be ejected.

You may now check to see for yourself what was written onto your new CD by re-inserting the CD and clicking on the CD info icon.

NOTE: The Hybrid CD will then show all HFS files if it is read by an Apple Macintosh computer. PCs can read the ISO files only.

…just read what I pasted - and perhaps it’s not what you want/need then :frowning:
I wonder if a Linux livecd may have sopme helpful tools, or burning apps like K3B, found on most standard livecd distros

Good information all. Thanks. I’m on my way out the door to go to work but I’ll try these suggestions when I return.

I should also note that I made a mistake in my describing the problem above. Why I used the word bootable is beyond me, the disc isn’t bootable by either platform. Must have been the frustration of hours of trying to make this work :wink:


The hybrid CD bit only works with the HFS SCSI drive attatched to the PC as stated…or at least as far as I can tell. That is a bit inconvenient here in 2005 and I find it a bit hard to believe that there isn’t another way. Still, it doesn’t work in my trying via Nero. It is amazing to me that I can’t simply open the .iso and extract enough to fit on a standard CD. I guess Hybrid CD’s are something of a rarity so nobody has really addressed the issue.

Does ISObuster make anything more robust? I’ll have to search.

Thanks again all for the input, if anyone else has any suggestions I’m open =)

You never mentioned anything about HFS SCSI drive?
Just a suggestion, if you want people to give u help, I think u need to give more details & feedback about your results.

If u just want to extract the files from the HFS part of the CD image, then you can use MacDisk for that:

Your real solution if you really need the image as a CD is what drpino mentioned, just overburn to CD, which u can using Nero, after setting a high enough limit in ‘Preferences/Expert Features’.

I personally think that there just aren’t that many people using hybrid CD’s that’s the reason why there isn’t much support. Also, CD-R’s r so dirt cheap why even bother, most will just use 1 whole CD for each system!

Firstly, I didn’t mention HFS SCSI drive becuase I didn’t learn of that until a posted reply from EyeForOne alerted me to the format. This of course makes it difficult to provide information but thanks for your snide remark regardless. I’ll keep that in mind next time I ask for help without providing information that I am unaware of. Hell if I’d known I probably wouldn’t have been asking in here in the first place. I provided a fairly large amount of information to the best of my knowledge on the matter and tried to make it as straight-forward as possible…but hey it’s a tricky situation.

Second, I tried overburning but couldn’t fit it on any of the CDr’s I have. Perhaps I’ll try other media next time.

In the meantime I’ve managed to do what I needed to do so thank you all very much for your help. Hopefully I’ll be able to return the favor. This isn’t my strong suit but many other things are…actually all in all I’m pretty well versed in the matter, just not this particular scenario.

I’d offer my solution for future reference but it was simply having a friend visit with his installation CD and completing the install with my Serial and Second and Third disks. Now to find out about a replacement copy of Reason…

I apologize if I’ve given info that is of no value (it actually seems more fitting for real old Macs - OS 7/8/9.x) - I was simply throwing out a long shot - I had a little trouble following your initial posting, …but it was my fault mostly, as it was too late/too early in the morning for me. If anyone re-reads my initial post, you’ll notice, I preface with “not sure exactly what the dealio is” …and then end with “just read what I pasted - and perhaps it’s not what you want/need then :(” Anyway - glad you got it covered …be well.

No apologies neccesary, thanks for the input regardless =) I hope my post above didn’t give you the impression I was blaming you or anything to that effect…I was just snapping at Truman for his snide remark after having obviously not read the thread to begin with…had he done so he would have no doubt seen that that information was brought forth after my initial post.

Thanks again all for trying to help me on this unusual issue!