I need a great firewall maybe free

Hi mates
i’m looking for a great & secure firewall!
maybe free , or a share/demo-full version to give it a try, and maybe after buy
i know only zoneallarm but i think it’s not so secure!

ps , how can i disable for ever the windowsxp service pack2 firewall? :confused:

Why not use the SP2 firewall, it’s decent.
Kerio 2.1.5 isn’t bad either but tend to have instability issues sometimes.

Sygate, free and reliable: http://soho.sygate.com/products/spf_standard.htm

I second Sygate Personal Firewall. It will drive you crazy until the rules are established but after that it works well. You will be amazed at how many programs want to “phone home”.

try looking here theres free stuff here…


I dont think it stops programs you have installed from dialing out though. I use Kerio 2.1.5 its great

This is a nice easy one to use free or buy


I didn’t realise a free version of this one was still about well worth a looksee

http://www.webmasterfree.com/tpfw.html :iagree:

all the best mikyanto

The free version of Tiny is really superceded by Kerio 2.1.5 - and the later versions of kerio also include a “free mode” that’s about what you got with Kerio 2.1.5

I’d be wary of using some of the really old ones, Like the old Tiny, Kerio or Outpost free with XP SP2

You may want to check out the security of your present firewall solution by going here:
A great resource from a well respected individual in the computer industry.

To my experience, one of the best, though not free: www.8signs.com

the best at the moment, and free for personal use

theres a free version of zonealarm, i recommend it

I agree sygate is good.
I don’t think it will drive you crazy but as said after all the rules are established it works very well.
I tried zone alarm but had issues at times with it so I tried sygate and I am quite happy with it.
There is also a firewall called tiny that might be good to try but not sure if they have a free version.

thanks mate!
but is possible to uninstall the windows xp firewall???

It’s doable pre-installartion with nLite.

You don’t need to uninstall it, you just need to disable it.

Just choose a firewall from the one’s above. I use Zone Alarm, it works for me.

My favorite is the older release of Zone Alarm Pro 4.5.594.000.

As Bjproc said don’t uninstall, simply disable. Just go into the Security Center and disable it there and indicate you have your own.
I’ve been using Sygate Professional for years and it’s an excellent program, very easy to use. I don’t even keep the icon in the task bar, once configured you don’t even know it’s there and it’s not a resource hog.

Whatever you do, only have 1 Firewall running to avoid conflicts. If I’m not mistaken, Xp’s firewall only prevents inbound, not outbound.

Yeh that’s right, i got a trojan and all it wanted to do was call home !, luckily ZA stopped it untill i found a scanner to delete it, if i had windows firewall only i would have never known about it.

I checked out the Windows Firewall and it does flag some programs from dialing out. A good review of firewalls can be found at:


Believe it or not the Norton PF2005 is an excellent product, does not consume a great amount of resources and if you wait for a sale Best Buy usually sells the NSW 2005, Anti-Spam 2005 and NPF 2005 bundle for $0.00 after mir (the mir is equal to the purchase price). The others recommended here are also very good. But the best way to avoid being hacked, spied on, etc. is to do your surfing in a limited user account.