I need a good DL burner help

I have read that NEC are good burners but can’t read for shit.
I have also seen that Lite-Ons are OK.
I am not really worried about speed but need something that can read and write on most media.


From some of the tests here on this forum it looks like the pioneer dvr-108 has the best record for the least amount of errors. Does anyone have any bad experiences with that drive. Is it picky with media?

NEC ND-3500A - Excellent write quality but is a picky reader. Supports bitsetting. Supports most media.

Pioneer DVR-A08 - Excellent write quality but can be picky with some + discs. Doesn’t support bitsetting.

Lite-On SOHW-832S - Excellent Reader. Supports most media. Average burner but can get excellent write quality with the CodeGuys CG firmware. Supports disc scanning. But it is slow and old.

OptoRite 1205 - I have one word to describe this drive. Shit.

LG GSA-4120B - Mediocre drive but at least supports DVD-RAM.

Does anyone know some guys will release a hacked firmware to achieve better quality on the 16x DL Lite-On burners?

I don’t know what bit setting is or what I would need it for.
The only thing I do with DVDs are strait data or movies.
For movies I use dvd decrpytor and clone dvd.

For some reason my current Toshiba DVD burner will sometimes do a movie perfect or sometimes the movie will lock at a certain point or may glitch. I am using Ritek G04s.
I don’t really have a prefrence about + or - but I know pioneer was only known for - in the past.
I just need to know that if I burn a movie at 1x 2x or whatever that the movie will come out perfect. Speed doesn’t really matter to me.

I also know that plextor is coming out with a new drive soon, and they are known for quality. I heard in the past that pioneer had some issue with media or quality, but maybe this has changed.

SO my choices would be the pioneer or to wait for the plextor.
What should I choose?

Check for prices. Plextor will be much more $$
If you’re happy with -R format, then go for the pioneer 108.
I must confess that I do not burn DL disk yet.
I guess that when the DL disk will be cheaper, DL burning will be 8x.

I won’t be burning DL yet until prices are cheaper too. It says the pioneer can do + as well. I guess the thing about any burner is finding the right media that will work 100% of the time.

some posts have me worried about the pioneer. it looks like some people have problems with it.

Well I just ordered the Pioneer 108 OEM from newegg with a 50pk of -DVD Taiyo Yuden DVD 4.7GB
These are listed I believe as being 100% compatable to burn at 12x or 16x I think.
Hopefully everything will go OK.

Thanks for the info guys.