I need a good copy protection software. trial or shareware

hi there :slight_smile:
need some help here :sad:

i need a good copy protection software. trial or shareware.
if u know 1(or more), just send an Instant Message 2 doomed_1990@yahoo.com.
thx. :bigsmile:

What is it you want to protect (CDs, DVDs, exe files etc.)?

also send to me anything dvd,vcd and cd!!! wlamemaisip@yahoo.com thanks!!!

TZCopy Protector will protect CDs with a very basic method, that can be copied by anyone with the correct tools.

i wanna protect data cd’s.
any ideas?
by the way, i want something that can’t be copied by any kind of software(like nero).
but, it’s not even if it could be copied by nero, tell me

IMO no matter what type of copy protection you use thier will be a way around it. Look at the dvd copy protections and how they are defeated.