I Need a Fix! Nero 7 Hijacking

I’m using Win XP SP2 and Nero 7 Essentials OEM. Nero is not playing nicely with other programs. It has deleted my image file associations and replaced them with PhotoSnap. HOW can I get my Photoshop file associations back?

I don’t even want PhotoSnap. I don’t want InCD, StartSmart, Express, Media Home, CoverDesigner. I don’t want any trial features, either. HOW can I uninstall these components? Or else what do I delete and how do I change the registry to get rid of this stuff.

I want to burn audio CDs, data CDs, and data DVDs. I want to watch commercial DVDs. Which features of Nero 7 essentials should I keep?

Or do I have to uninstall the whole thing and go back to my old Nero 6?

PS: And how do I subscribe to threads?