I need a DVD driver to install Windows 7



I need some help please.:confused:

I tried to install Windows 7 Professional on a brand new internal 2TB Seagate HD on my Acer 3450. The BIOS sees the drive and Windows starts installing, then stops and says that the CD/DVD driver is missing. I thought I could fool the computer and loaded cdrom.inf, hoping it would work, because, after all, it is already using the DVD. No such luck. The driver it needs is not on that flash drive says the computer.

I believe the DVD/CD-ROM drive is a combo unit, burning both CD and DVD. It was a long time ago that I installed it (maybe 2 years ago). The device manager says it is an “Atapi DVD A DH16ABSH SCSI CdRom Device”. I realize Atapi is a generic name, but I do not know how to find out what exactly it is or who made it, so I don’t even know what driver to ask for.:confused:

What more information would somebody require to be able to help me resolve this?

Please help.:confused:


Are you using a burned disc or an original disc from Microsoft? If you have burned an ISO onto a disc, you might have a poor quality blank dvd or one that was burned poorly/too fast, and the drive is having a hard time reading it.

If that isn’t the case, then its probably problems with the SATA drivers included in the setup portion of the installation disc. You might have to change the SATA settings in the bios from AHCI to IDE mode. This is not optimal, and if you were installing on an SSD instead of the 2TB HDD, it would not work properly, but in this case, it might help.

One last thing to try if you have access to another computer is to switch to a USB stick for installation instead of the optical disc. You can extract an ISO from the disc onto the hard drive of this other computer and make a bootable USB installation drive. You would need to change settings in the bios to enable [B]your[/B] computer to boot from USB media when you try to install the operating system.

You can make an ISO from the original disc using ImgBurn. Just choose Create Image File from Disc. Then follow the instructions here for making a USB installation drive from a USB stick that is 4gb or larger: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/31541-windows-7-usb-dvd-download-tool.html


Kerry 56: Have been treating an ill dog and ignoring my computer for the last few days.

I am using an original Microsoft Disc. My BIOS is using the RAID option and I am trying to install on a 2TB SSHD.

I bought a 128GB Flash drive after reading your reply so that I could try what you said about making a bootable USB. I will follow those instructions and post my results here.



If your BIOS is RAID, then check which SATA ports can be selected outside of RAID mode / reserved to ATA mode etc.

The fact that it refers to a SATA drive as SCSI, suggests that it is on a controller that is in the wrong mode.

Typically, if there are 6 SATA ports, 1-4 will be used in RAID / AHCI and 5-6 will be selectable to legacy / IDE mode - use them for optical drives.