I need a driver for ma sound card but i dont noww wats the sound card model how can i find out and the name also



i need a sound driver but i dont noww which one i need can u tell me plx


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What computer do you have, and what operating system?


What sound card are you using? Details please. Internal or is it built onto the motherboard?


its built in
i m usin a xp sp2 media center


Model and brand of the PC please.


i dont now that how can i find out temme heheh lolzz


It should be on the front or back of the PC like one of mine is a Emachines T5048.


its opnly dell written other i thin k its all nombers


What are the numbers?


What’s the service tag? Use this to find it on your PC.



dx9141j is written there


Well there is 3 options so I have no idea which will suit you. Do you know if it is creative or not? Click Audio…



Try this - it’s a handy little tool.


I bet this will do it. so download and install.



thx dr.eho that did it u r the bestt thxx so much


You’re welcome enjoy.