I need a copy of DVD2One 1.0.2

I deleted my version102 when 111 was released. I’d like to go back to the earlier version but unfortunately all previous versions of DVD2One have been removed from the download area. What to do??? Could someone e-mail me a copy? I’d sure appreciate it.

:bow: I second that… I was such a big fool not keeping a copy of version 1.0.2 which just ran perfect… For me version 1.1.1 have just been bugs bugs, and now I can not back up any DVDs, its just errors after errors… I would be very happy if some one could email me a version 1.0.2 (yes I do have a licens, so do not send that)

Thanks, appreciate it



check your Private Messages on this board.

its the demo version v102.

Wow! Thanks to all… I was quite surprised with all the responses I got to my plea for help. (It took me a little while to ‘find’ my private messages.) Ya’ll are quite a good bunch… thanks again!

I wanna scream out a big thanks to everyone, Thanks guys for sending me the version 1.0.2, I really do appreciate it alot… Thanks…

Cheers to everyone at this forum, AND let me point out that I am very satisfied with DVD2One, I just had a bad experience with the latest version. But basically this software Rocks…


Hello. I too am a registered DVD2ONE user that is currently using 1.1.1 and would like to try source 1.0.2 again to use in conjunction with the dvd2one shell program. Any help is greatly appreciated.

kind regards,
Ed Janx

i really need to find this program i have the key just need the program, stupid me formated my PC and forgot to save my original download of it, please thank you

You can download v1.5.2 from their website. Your licensed key will work just fine in all 1.x versions. With all the bug fixes, there is no reason to use an older version, (unless it is a pirated 1.0.2 key), but then you would not be asking for that reason I assume.