I need a computer guru

I knocked my cd tray off track (lite-on ltr 48246s) and I can’t fix it. If i buy a new one…does it have to be the same model? I have an emachine computer. are other models compatible with my machine?


Many, many drives will be compatible. Spend some time here and at videohelp and you should be able to get what you need for a lot less than at a local store. I suggest newegg.com for top quality service and price.

but is it something i can fix myself or should I go ahead and buy a new one?

I believe what chas0039 was saying is you can replace your drive and by looking around the forum you can get and idea of a drive to buy.
Also looking around the forum you can find help on how to do it.
Good luck.

@ sissy1215
Go ahead and take it apart, knowing that if it ends in disaster, a new one will be easy to install yourself and relatively inexpensive…the hardest part will be deciding which one to get :wink:

thanks to all of you…i went ahead and purchased another one and installed it. It’s working fine. patting myself on the back. you guys were a big help

Did you consider replacing it with a DVD writer - the price of them now, it’s hardly worth using anything less, unless the few better tricks of some CD-RW drives (Mount Rainier, accurate EFM) are needed