I need a cd for my vedio camera



I am looking for a cd rom for my jvc everio gz330au i cant find one and i cant download can anyone help


Welcome buttons213, do you know what was on the CD-ROM? Maybe you can find its contents seperately?


buttons, it looks like the software that came with your camera was “Cyberlink Power Director Express”. That was a free version and JVC does not have it on their site to download. You can maybe try and email JVC and ask if they can send you a disc.

There are free programs out there, but you need to sort through them and find what works best for what you want to do, and hopefully there is one that is free. Here is a link to a directory of whats available, LINK

Another option would be to buy the software that came with the camera but at least this would be the latest version with more functionality: Cyberlink software